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Your Monthly Horoscope for January 2023

Aries Astrological Symbol
Aries or Aries Rising: March 21– April 19
The World
It’s important to focus on progress and not necessarily on money that can be made. See what you can learn along the path you choose. Excessive spending in recent days may have you feeling nervous about your finances. In addition to bills, you could be waiting to be reimbursed. Be patient. You might feel caught up in a daze this month. Your mind continues to wander, but your thoughts will settle down soon enough. Opportunity awaits you. You just need to know where to look to get the best deal. Start chasing after your heart’s desire because you could just get it this month.
Taurus Astrological Symbol
Taurus or Taurus Rising: April 20 – May 20
The Hierophant
You have high hopes that your efforts will be well received this week. Before you move full speed ahead, run your ideas by a trusted group of confidantes. You may have been working so hard you haven’t had time to spend with family and friends lately. Clear your calendar and make some time for recreation. Make an effort to bring more people onto your side. You can’t possibly win everyone over, but others might be receptive to your ideas with the right approach. A financial windfall could be just over the horizon. Stay the course over the next several days and wait and see what falls into your lap. You may be very surprised.
Gemini Astrological Sy
Gemini or Gemini Rising: May 21 – June 21
The Magician
You don’t learn by getting things right all of the time. A few mistakes along the way provide an opportunity to grow and figure out new ways to do the job. This week you may lock yourself behind closed doors and enjoy some alone time for a change. Relax with a good book or binge watch some television. A sit down with a higher-up could be in order soon. Explain your attributes and what you have been doing for the company and make an effort to compromise, if necessary. People in your life want the best for you. Accept their support and good wishes and use each as a guiding light when challenges arise.
Cancer Astrological Symbol
Cancer or Cancer Rising: June 22 – July 22
The Lovers
Distractions seemingly abound this month and your head isn’t in the game. While you can get away with a few oversights here and there, too many can be problematic. A friendship could be tested when you get into a quarrel over money. You each have different philosophies on spending. Try to see both sides. You are still following through with resolutions to be more organized. Start slowly and build up to bigger projects when you gain confidence in your abilities. The stars are all but shouting that you need some self-care right now. Put aside all of the tasks you think you need to do and turn attention to tending to your own needs.
Leo Astrological Sign
Leo or Leo Rising: July 23 – August 22
The Emperor
Someone in your life is looking for a pep talk and you are just the person to provide one. Listen to the problem at hand and offer this person some solid solutions. Philosophy and religious principles are of interest to you lately. Explore the metaphysical and dive into these subjects with all of your energy. Celestial energy has you temporarily doubting your abilities. Normally you are quite confident in your creativity. Give things a little time to settle down. Your love interest seems like he or she is keeping something from you, but avoid drawing any conclusions. A surprise may be in store for you.
Virgo Astrological Symbol

Virgo or Virgo Rising: August 23 – September 22
The Sun
You could be at a crossroads in your life. You are pondering many different scenarios, and now is the time to solidify plans for the next few weeks. You could be longing for a vacation, so why not make it happen? If you’ve socked away some cash, put it towards a trip to recharge and relax. Excitement could be on the horizon. Caution is needed, but don’t hesitate to embrace the renewed vigor this development inspires.Take it slow may be the advice that is coming your way, but that might be hard right now. Your time is in demand and many people are seeking your expertise. Take a breath.

libra Astrological Symbol
Libra or Libra Rising: September 23 – October 22
The Moon
If you made a career change recently, you may be discovering that the payoff isn’t quite what you expected. Fulfillment is essential, so give some thought to new pursuits. Make an effort to reconnect with someone you have known a long time who has become absent from your life. Resolve to maintain this connection in the years ahead.This week you may start micromanaging other people without even realizing it. You certainly want things to be in order, but sometimes you have to let others be. You don’t have to travel too far to find happiness this month. It’s in all the small things around you. No extraordinary gestures are needed to make you smile.
Scorpio Astrological Sign
Scorpio or Scorpio Rising: October 23 – November 21
The Hermit
It is not like you to feel adrift, but that could be the situation right now. Latch on to one activity or person that brings you joy. Focus on the positives in life. Honest communication can take you through a rough patch you might be having with your romantic partner. Speak openly and honestly to resolve the issue. Retail therapy has its allure this month. If you must buy, direct your purchasing dollars toward a sweetheart for Valentine’s Day or another special occasion. A potential love match could be on the horizon. Approach this with caution, but don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and dreams with someone special.
Sagittarius Astrological Sign
Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising: November 22 – December 21
Wheel of Fortune
Family members want to spend more time with you, so plan for the extra company. Have a few extra snacks on hand and make sure the house is orderly. Keep your eyes focused on the future. It’s easy to dwell on what happened in the past, but that won’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. Ground yourself with the small luxuries in your life that bring you joy. This could be the company of friends or cherished mementos. Be careful when sharing your deepest desires and secrets. There are many people you can trust, so make an effort to identify them before opening up.
Capricorn Astrological Symbol
Capricorn or Capricorn Rising: December 22 - January 19
Your tendency to want to tackle things all on your own could have you pushing others away. Accept others’ willingness to pitch in. A miscommunication could find you spending money you just don’t have right now. This may be an instance when you need to seek a professional to sort it all out. Misinformation seems to circulate with ease, but don’t believe everything you hear this month. You may need to do some fact-checking of your own. Your dreams can take you far, but smarts and action need to factor into the equation as well. Start fleshing out your plan and get moving.
Aquarius Astrological Symbol
Aquarius or Aquarius Rising: January 20 – February 18
The Star
There has been a lot on your plate and many thoughts swimming through your mind. A quick getaway could be what is needed this month. A project that has been on the calendar for some time finally gets completed. It has been a long time coming, but the results are better than you expected. You could be tempted to indulge in a little gossip as the rumors start flying this week. Take the high road and resist the urge to join in. Your friends can be a great help when you need some relationship advice. Seek their input and factor it into any decision you make.
Pisces Astrological Symbol
Pisces or Pisces Rising: February 19 – March 20
The Empress
You have a few offers on the table, but could be having trouble narrowing down your preference. Bring in a third party to help. Go through some old photos and reminisce. It can be a quiet way to spend a day or two and enjoy the memories. If you feel a little off your game this month, find a friend who can offer you a pep talk. That’s all you need to bounce back. If a friend or family member causes drama for you, don’t let it get in your way. Offer to help but be ready for this person to seek their own path.

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