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Moab Clubs and Organizations

It helps a community prosper and enriches the lives of its residents if those residents are INVOLVED. If you would like to participate in any club or organization please call them. Many of these groups are always looking for a helping hand or two.

If your organization has changed its contact person or is not listed, e-mail
with the correct information

  Alcoholics Anonymous: 435-625-1342
for emergencies (24/7): 888-333-9649
  Alpha Rho Sorority 435-259-6758 Bobbie Long
  American Legion Post #54 435-719-4095 Ronald Irvin
  Arches Education Center 435-260-8764 Trish Hedin
  Arches New Hope Pregnancy Center 435-259-LIFE (5433)  
  BEACON 435-719-4801 Xandra Odland
  Boy Scouts of America 435-260-0871 Mingo Gritts
  Canyonlands Arts Council 435-259-2742
  Canyonlands Back Country Horsemen 435-220-0860 Steve Schultz
  Canyonlands Field Institute 435-259-7750 Jory Macomber
  Canyonlands Rodeo Club 435-260-2222 or - - 7942 Kirk Pearson + Krista Wilson
  Colorado Outward Bound School –
Moab Basecamp
719-293-5371 Lance Plank
  Community Rebuilds 435-260-0501 Rikki Epperson
  Daughters of Utah Pioneers 435-259-5229 Katheryn Jackson
  Delicate Stitchers Quilt Guild 815-712-6169 Mary Wakeley
  Friends of Arches and Canyonlands Parks 435-259-0108 Steve Evers
  Friends of Indian Creek
  Friends of the Grand County Library 435-259-1111 Jessie Magleby
  Girl Scouts of the USA 435-259-9797 Melodie McCandless
  Grand Area Mentoring 435-260-9646 Dan McNeil
  Grand Center 435-259-6623
  Grand County Democratic Party 435-260-9665 Bob Greenberg
  Grand County Extension & 4-H 435-259-7558 Catherine Hansen
  Grand County Education Foundation 435-259-9797 Melodie McCandless
  Grand County Food Bank 435-259-6456  
  Grand County Hospice 435-7193772 Margy Swenson
  Grand County Library 435-259-1111 Jessie Magleby
  Grand County Republican Party
  Humane Society of Moab Valley 435-259-4862  
  KZMU Community Radio 435-259-8824 Barbro Rakos
  Ladies Golf Club 435-259-6488 Chris Woodard
  League of Women Voters 801-938-4038 Carey Dabney
  Moab Arts Festival 435-259-2742 Theresa King
  Moab Arts Center 435-259-6272 Kelley McInerny
  Moab Bird Club 435-259-6447 Nick Eason
  Moab Chamber of Commerce 435-259-7814 Laici Shumway
  Moab City Animal Control 435-259-8938  
  Moab City Recreation 435-259-2255 Patrick Trim
  Moab Community Dance Band 516-376-8003 Miriam Graham
  Moab Community Garden Becky Mann
  Moab Community Theatre 435-259-8378 Kaki Hunter
  Moab Disc Golf Club 208-720-2255  
  Moab Family History Center 435-259-5563  
  Moab Folk Festival & Free Concert Series 435-260-1756 Cassie Paup
  Moab Folk Festival Clinic 435-259-1113 Kate Jagle
  Moab Free Health Clinic 435-259-1113 Kate Jagle
  Moab Friends for Wheelin' Jeep Club 435-260-7208 Melissa Fischer
  Moab Garden Club 303-880-9158 Tricia Scott
  Moab Golf Club 435-259-6488 Rob Jones
  Moab Healthcare Foundation 435-210-0087 Kari McKay
  Moab International Film Festival 435-233-8290 Denise Felaar
  Moab Masonic Lodge #30 435-260-1823 Gregory Klepzig
  Moab Museum 435-259-7985 Forrest Rodgers
  Moab Music Festival 435-259-7003 Amy Weiser
  Moab Rotary April Action Car Show 435-260-1948  
  Moab Solutions 435-401-4685 Sara Melnicoff
  Moab Speaks 435-260-9646 Daniel McNeil
  Moab Sportsmen’s Club 435-259-2222 Frank Darcey
  Moab Taiko 435-259-0816 Michele Blackburn
  Moab To Monument Valley Film Commission 435-259-4341 Bega Metzner
  Moab Trails Alliance 435-259-5223 Kirstin Peterson
  Moab Valley Multicultural Center 435-259-5444 Rhiana Medina
  Order of the Eastern Star 435-259-6469 Fran Townsend
  Plateau Restoration/
Conservation Adventures
435-259-7733 Tamsin McCormick
  Red Rock Arts Festival 435-259-6272 Moab Arts
  Red Rock 4-Wheelers 435-259-7625 Ron Brewer
  Rotary Club (Moab) 435-220-1258 Melissa Stocks
  Seekhaven Crisis Center 435-259-2229 Abigail Taylor
  Senior Center 435-259-6623
  Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance 435-259-7090 Neal Clark
  Trail Mix Committee Colin Topper
  Underdog Animal Rescue & Rehab 435-260-8033 Jackie
  Uranium Watch 435-260-8384 Sarah Fields
  Utah Avalanche Center 888-999-4019
  Utah Conservation Corps - SE Field Office 435-797-0964 ext. 8 Sean Damitz
  Utah Friends of Paleontology –
Gastonia Chapter
435-259-2179 Lee Shenton
  Utah State University Moab 435-259-7432  
  Valley Voices 435-259-6447 Marian Eason
  Veterans of Foreign Wars 435-260-1277 Fred Every
  WabiSabi 435-259-3313
  Youth Garden Project 435-259-BEAN (2326) Emily Roberson
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