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Could Your Brain Use a Reboot?
by Ray Andrew, MD

For the better part of 87 years, John has lived with Asperger’s syndrome, commonly thought to be a high-functioning form of autism. Like autism itself (first diagnosed in 1933), Asperger’s is quite new, being first described in the 1940s. Unlike classical autism, Asperger’s is not associated with difficulty thinking. Rather, people with Asperger’s tend to be socially awkward and have difficulty communicating. They usually want to fit in and have interaction with others, but don’t know how to do it. John, for example, is quite intelligent. But he has never been one to read people's emotions and respond to them on a personal level. Subtleties of language were foreign to him. He always asked himself, "What's wrong with me?"

When John came for his first appointment two months ago, he wasn’t looking for help with his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), for which he had been told there was no treatment. He was looking for more energy. He also wanted to get rid of his brain fog, which was unrelated to his ASD. At his first visit, he was started on targeted mineral therapy and advanced microcurrent neurofeedback. By his second visit, he reported having more energy, being more focused, thinking more clearly, and enjoying nonverbal communication…for the first time in his life. He excitedly announced that he could finally interpret, respond to, and even send out his own nonverbal cues, a form of communication the rest of us take for granted.

For John, IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback (MCN) has already made what he calls a “profound” difference in his life. In traditional neurofeedback, information from your brainwaves is transmitted to a computer screen. You then attempt to train your brainwaves by mentally manipulating events on the screen. No signal is transmitted back to your brain. This kind of neurofeedback typically requires 40+ sessions, with a typical session lasting 45 minutes to an hour.

By contrast, IASIS sends brief, tiny signals to the brain to trigger a temporary fluctuation in brainwaves. This change allows the brain to reorganize itself. Because the current is only 3 trillionths of a watt—a millionth of the electricity of a cell phone—you cannot feel it. And you don’t have to do anything but sit still for a few moments. MCN retrains the brain by allowing it to reorganize itself and shift from its formerly fixed patterns. This is analogous to re-booting a computer.

Most patients notice improvement within the first three sessions. In addition to ASD, patients find MCN helpful for a wide variety of neurological and psychological problems, such as ADHD, concussion, impulsivity, anxiety, depression, seizure disorder, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, Lyme disease, dementia, PTSD, and stroke. Many people also use MCN simply to improve athletic, academic, or executive performance.

Whereas mental health challenges, behavior disorders, and neurological problems often benefit from medication and/or therapy, you don’t want to have to rely on these forever. You want to get to the root of the problem and solve it for good. IASIS MCN, in combination with targeted therapies such as mineral rebalancing, hormone rebalancing, amino acid therapy, perception-reframing, detoxification, gut repair, etc., can help you treat the underlying causes of your symptoms and enjoy a quality of life you thought was no longer possible. Find out if MCN—alone or as part of a comprehensive treatment protocol—can help you get your brain back by calling Prestige Wellness Institute at (435) 210-0184. And be sure to mention youread about Prestige Wellness Institute in Moab Happenings.

Yoga for Lunch!
by Star Kolb

What’s on the menu?
Breathing, gentle movement, relaxation…with a side of kale (kidding).
I often find I get a dip in my energy and awareness in the middle of the day. Over the years I have discovered that gentle movement, mindful breathing and time for quiet resets me and I feel clear to complete the rest of my day.
For over 5,000 years people have utilized yoga; mindfulness, movement, breath work, and meditation for every reason we as humans can imagine. Yoga looks and feels vastly different from person to person. For some of you, yoga may be resting on the floor, then linking breath and movement. These same movements could then be performed standing or sitting in a chair. As we practice yoga we learn to adapt, as day to day and year to year the needs of our minds and bodies shift.

As a yoga teacher (for 17 years) I have found that I deeply enjoy adapting the poses to meet the needs of the person. The range from which I have practiced yoga has spanned from being fully bedridden due to spinal surgeries, to learning to be upright and walk again, to intentionally going all the way upside down and all of the steps in between. Yoga has become a curious and intricate journey of self and at the same time increasing the feelings of how connected we all are.

Is there an area in your mind or body that you would like to work on?
Are you aware of your breath; how do you breathe when you are calm? stressed?
Have you ever thought about your side body? your back body?
Are you looking for a nice lunch break? Are you curious about yoga?

Join me for 6 weeks and explore yoga! This series will introduce layers(limbs) of yoga through you exploring your mind and body connection. The physical yoga offering will be gentle at its foundation with an invitation to then link movement with breath (for those seeking “stronger movements”, I will guide as desired).

EX: inhale left arm up, exhale left arm down….the next layer, add opposite leg and so on.
This invitation is to meet your body where it is at, some days this will be using a chair or a wall, some days there may be planks, down dogs, or lying still, all the while exploring your breath.

This yoga class time and space will allow all abilities, desires and needs to be explored.

Gentle Yoga - Lunchtime Series w/ Star Kolb
January 19-February 23 (6 weeks)
12:10-12:50pm (40min)
$30 for the series. Drop-ins welcome!

Sundari Yoga & Wellness Studio
1105 S US-191 #3 Moab

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