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Community Connector Columm
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December 2020 - January 2021

Lenore Beeson: Yes, she's a well known local realtor, but she's much more than that.
by Krista Guss
Welcome to the second installment of the Community Connector Column. We invite you to get to know your friends, neighbors, colleagues, associates and community members from a deeper vantage. We are navigating challenging times as a community and coming together on common ground will improve everyone’s lives.

You’d probably recognize her if you don’t already know her. She’s been doing real estate in Moab since July 1993. But depending on how long you’ve been around, the first time you would have seen her was 1974 when she came out from New York City and met her now husband, Gene. After marrying in October of 1982, they set off together first to Long Island and then to Florida when a beautiful daughter named Chelsea also came into the picture. Eventually, they returned to Moab to settle their home for the next many decades to come.

Lenore has worked hard and established a stellar reputation for her dedicated, honest, direct and clear work ethic and great rapport with both buyers and sellers. Being in real estate, she has had the opportunity to see all sorts of lifestyles, preferences, priorities and choices. But for her, one day was very telling, she had a revelation in perspective and it changed the course of her life, passion and purpose.

“It was a really chilly night in 2008 or 2009,” she says, cocking her head to one side and lifting her gaze into memory. “The cold was biting and I put a blanket around me. I glanced around the room and saw the TV, all the comforts my life has blessed me with, and I realized that there were many people outside who were very cold, without blankets, without comfort. Being from New York City, I knew homelessness but I didn’t realize the problem was also in Moab.” And so she set out to do something about it.

“My mother was a depression era baby and so she never wasted anything. I was raised to be aware. But it wasn’t until that day, that I realized how deeply important not wasting was. I’m an avid recycler and repurposer. I’ve been fortunate enough to become the board president of Moab Solutions with Sara Melnicoff who has tirelessly served our community. I have been so impressed with the generosity, kind-heartedness and goodwill of the community in response to our efforts.” She shares that remembering how fortunate we are and feeling gratitude for it, while being conscious of our consumption goes a long way to improve our lives. And by doing this, we can position ourselves to give and share with others and one another. Enhancing everyone’s lives.

Lastly, she says “How we identify: occupationally, politically, socially, economically is not entirely who we are. Yes, I’m Lenore Beeson and I’m a realtor, but I’m more than that. I support The Community Recycle Center (Solid Waste Special Services District previously known as Canyonlands Community Recycling). I’m a grandmother. I love reading and hiking. I’m here for your real estate needs and while we are at it, let’s care for each other and the planet.”

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