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Five Gorgeous Wintertime Hikes In Moab

Although most people visit the desert in the warmer months, if you’re looking for a different and peaceful experience, consider visiting in the winter. Cooler temperatures allow you to hike for longer more comfortably, and you may even get to see snow on the vast expanses of red rock. The contrast between red and white is truly beautiful, and something you will never forget. With cooler temperatures come slick ice and snow. If you’re out enjoying any of these hikes, take extra caution on icy and muddy surfaces. We highly recommend the use of shoe traction devices, well soled hiking boots, and trekking poles for extra stability. Moab gear Trader has an excellent selection as well as the hats, gloves, warm clothing, and everything else you need to get started on your winter adventure.

Open 8AM-9PM every day, Moab Gear Trader is Moab’s “Winter Sports Headquarters” and is fully stocked with NEW & USED Quality Outdoor Gear & Clothing for all ages and outdoor sports. From rock climbing and river running to backcountry skiing and everything in between, Moab Gear Trader offers the highest quality adventure gear and clothing at the best prices in town. Whether you’re shopping for brand new equipment or gently-used gear at great savings, we’ve got the inventory and expertise to make your next adventure your best adventure. Got gear to sell? We’ll give your gear a second life, reducing your environmental impact and earning you some cash, too! Staffed By outdoor enthusiasts, this locally-owned, family-run business is Moab’s local destination for equipment and information. Your next adventure begins at Moab Gear Trader! Learn more and see our inventory at

Here we have a list of five hikes that are great in all seasons, but are absolutely spectacular in the winter.

Delicate ArchDelicate Arch
Arches National Park • 3 miles round trip • Approximately 2.5 hours • Strenuous
Follow the well marked path from the parking lot east past the old Wolfe ranch cabin and the Ute indian petroglyph panel. The trail crosses a small footbridge and continues from there. The first half mile is very well marked, after this you will have to rely on the rock cairns for directions. The trail loses and gains elevation several times over the slickrock. Eventually the trail continues to climb upward until it starts winding through rock ledges and sand. Follow the cairns and step up several ledges, on the right you will see a large window arch. Continue hiking past this arch on the sidewalk like ledge. This part of the trail is generally icy in the winter, use extreme caution and don’t forget your traction devices! Once you come around this bend you will be greeted with the beautiful view of delicate arch, the desert surrounding it, and the snow capped la Sal mountains. Continue back to the parking lot the way you came.

Fischer TowersFisher towers

S.R. 128 • 2.2 miles one way • Approximately 2.5 hours • Strenuous
From the parking lot, the trail goes down a small set of steps, and then continues along to a slickrock ridge. Follow the cairns on the ridge to where the trail continues down into the ravine where it narrows. From the bottom of the ravine the trail quickly gains elevation and then begins to wind directly beneath the Fisher Towers. After following around the base of the largest tower, The Titan, the trail continues upward and ends on a ridge with a panoramic view of the Fisher Valley, the Colorado river, and the desert towers of Castle Valley.
White Rim Overlook

Island In the Sky, Canyonlands National Park
1.5 miles round trip • Approximately 45 minutes • Easy
This easy trail follows a well graded path to an impressive east facing overlook, with cliffs surrounding you on three sides. From here you have a view of the colorado river, monument basin, and the La Sal mountains. A popular trail in the island Of the sky district of Canyonlands National Park, parking is very limited so plan to arrive early.

The Windows Trail

Arches National Park • 1 mile round trip • Approximately 45 minutes • Easy/moderate
A gentle climb up a gravel trail leads to the massive North and South windows, and Turret Arch, which has a gorgeous view of the snow capped La Sal mountains. Return to the parking lot the same way you came, or take the slightly longer trail around the Windows by starting at South Window viewpoint.

Faux FallsFaux Falls
Ken’s Lake area • 1 mile round trip • Approximately 45 minutes • Easy
Accessed from Ken’s Lake, south of Moab, this is a short out and back trail. This trail follows a well marked dirt road and path that leads to a beautiful waterfall. Faux Falls is water that has been diverted from the La Sal mountains through a large tunnel, creating a large cascading waterfall. During colder periods, ice may form around the falls due to the spray of water, use caution on any slippery surfaces near the water.

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