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Water Adventures Happenings - March 2017
The 5 Stages of Adventure Travel, How the Fun Never Really Ends
Lovingly penned by Swirlin’ Eddy for Wild West Voyage

If you are reading this, you may be happily basking somewhere along the 5 stages of a traveler’s love affair with Moab. Maybe you are making your way through a third round? Here’s how it usually goes down, and how to keep it ever alive!

Stage 1: Dreaming – Admit it, they are very dreamy advertisements. I know lots of folks who “always wanted to come to Moab,” due in no small part to its sweet reputation for adventure and astounding scenery like no other. There’s a reason for it. Dream away! But before too long, you should consider moving on to…

Stage 2: Planning – Surf the net, read the paper, ask your mates, check it out, and book it! Savor this step, it’s part of the satisfaction you derive from taking control of your destiny. From making stuff happen.

Stage 3: Anticipating – You planned it, you booked it, and now, in the musical words of the mighty Tom Petty: “The waiting is the hardest part!” Notice the skip in your step and the slightly higher edges of your smile. It’ll be here soon enough; relish the anticipation!

Stage 4: Experiencing – Today is the day, and, to quote another famous one (Seuss), “Oh, the places you’ll go!” Let go of expectations, leave your comfort zone ever so slightly (or more), and bring it on. Take plenty of pictures but don’t forget to smell the… pristine air, desert sage, red dirt and living rivers!

Stage 5: Sharing – The day is done, now is your chance. From the quiet comfort of your hotel room or tent, have at it. Upload those photos, share the funny moments, create a slide show for your next barbeque, write that Trip Advisor review while you are still glowing with adventure. Make this stage last as long as you like. Keep sharing. And guess what? Like any good process this is also a circular one: lather, rinse, repeat. And by that I mean…enjoy dreaming and then start planning your triumphant return to Canyon Country!
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Wild West Voyages offers guided daily river trips, equipment rentals and river shuttle service. Raft, kayak, or stand up paddle: All Trails Lead to the River! Give them a call at 435-355-0776 to arrange your river day, or visit


Spring Fever? Go Canoeing!

Spring is the perfect time for a canoe trip on the Green River. It is a magical with miles of backcountry flat water to float, plenty of great scenery and wildlife, and a solitude you can’t get on the busier Colorado River. There are several put-in and take-out locations so the trip can be as short as 3-days or a long as a couple of weeks! And it’s a fantastic trip for beginners or families with small children as it isn’t hard to paddle and there aren’t any rapids to worry about.

There are two main sections to the Green River; Labyrinth Canyon is the upper section managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Stillwater Canyon is the lower section in Canyonlands National Park.

In Labyrinth you can easily put yourself in at Green River State Park or Ruby Ranch and set a shuttle car at Ruby Ranch or Mineral Bottom for the take-out. The BLM permit is free, but Green River and Ruby Ranch charge small fees to use their boat ramps.

Mileage Chart - Labyrinth Canyon:

• Green River State Park - Ruby Ranch = 23 miles/2+ days
• Ruby Ranch - Mineral Bottom = 45 miles/3+ days
• Green River State Park - Mineral Bottom = 68 miles/4+ days
Stillwater Canyon is much more remote and the only take-out option is hiring a jet boat shuttle from the Confluence to bring you back upstream to Moab on the Colorado River. The NPS also charges permit fees of $30/permit + $30/person. This section is most popular with experienced canoers and those who want to see Canyonlands from the river.

Mileage Chart - Stillwater Canyon:
• Green River State Park - The Confluence = 120 miles/7+ days
• Ruby Ranch - The Confluence = 97 miles/5+ days
• Mineral Bottom - The Confluence = 52 miles/3+ days
Whichever trip you choose, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time! If you need help with outfitting your canoe trip or to reserve land and jet boat shuttles, call Tag-A-Long Expeditions, 435-259-8946, or email .

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