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Trail Happenings November 2010

Trail Mix Photo Gallery
by Sandy Freethey

This month the Trail Mix shows us a gallery of projects they have been working on. You can join the fun and volunteer to help maintain our Grand County trails! Contact Sandy Freethey 259-0253 Come to the Trail Mix meetings held the 2nd Tues. of every month at the Grand Center. Trail Mix is a mixture of non- motorized trail users, and a variety of public land managers and private citizens. or

Trail Building
Building trail
pruning trail
Pruning trail
Shoring up trail erosion
Shoring up eroded trail
clearing trail
Clearing trail
building trail
Building trail
Marking trail on slickrock
Marking trail on slickrock
Installing Kiosk
Installing kiosk at Gemini Bridges trail head with Moab Friends 4 Wheelin'
Weeding near pedestrian/bike bridge
clearing sand
Clearing sand off paved path
removing sand deposit
Removing sand deposit at culvert on paved path
erosion control
Erocion control on paved trail
National Public Lands Day
National Public Lands Day at Moab Brands trails
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