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Trees: Sustainability Champions
by Richard Lory, Moab City Sustainability VISTA

Trees are important members of our community. Trees offer reprieve from the heat, and create gathering places. Trees inspire wonder for the artist and adventure for the climber. Trees provide shelter for our non-human neighbors, while cleaning the air and water. Trees bring the ecological world to our front yards, showing us that our disconnection from the natural world is paper thin. Our verdant community members are sustainability champions, connecting economic, ecological, and social interests.

Trees help prevent flooding and soil erosion by slowing water down, and increasing infiltration. By slowing the water down, trees help to reduce flood recovery costs, build healthy soils, reduce water pollution and improve community safety.

Trees are nurseries for other life. They are rest stops for migrating animals, and a play area for children. The shade falling from their canopy helps sun-sensitive plants grow, and also passively keeps the town cool and comfortable.

Trees sequester carbon and pump out oxygen. By repurposing carbon, trees will be essential in combating climate change, and will give our community clean air, and fruit to bite into.

Trees will play an important role in creating a resilient Moab, and to show its reverence for them, the City of Moab has pledged to nurture and care for our urban forest. In honor of Moab’s efforts, the Arbor Day Foundation has designated Moab a Tree City Community since 1993. To honor Arbor Day this year, and say thank you to our trees, the City is going to plant a few new trees along 500 W this 150th Arbor Day.

There is so much to learn about the services trees provide to our community. If you want to learn more visit the Moab Sustainability page at or sit under one and see for yourself!


The Tree Planting workshop will take place @ Our VIllage Community Center and it is sponsored by Castle Valley and Moab Seventh Day Adventist church.
Our Village received grant funding from the Grand Conservation district for the trees and Orchard project, Our Village is a community partner with the Moab Mana Project /Seventh Day Adventist Church. Our Village hosted Moab Mana in 2021, they grew over 14,000lb pounds of heritage superfood potatoes that were donated to the Navajo Nations, Local and State food banks and the Moab community.
The Seventh Day Adventist are bringing in presenter Lynn Hoag, a tree planting guru.
We are partnering up to bring this workshop and to plant the 50 + fruit trees from the Grand Conservation Funding.
The workshop will take place Sunday April, 3 rd 2-6pm Monday April 4 and Tuesday April 5th 5:30- 7:30 Pm
Wednesday April 6th will be for on site home consultations for an additional $10
The cost is $50 per household.
Call or Text Pastor Nathan to Register 435-260-9655 or Annie Thomas for info about Our Village or ways to help be a sponsor for this project. 435-260-0294
or at

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