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Pedal On……
Dr Rosemarie Russo, sustainability Director

Moab is known for biking from Mill Creek Trail to Captain Ahab and the Slickrock Trail, people come from all over the world to try their skills on the area’s mountain biking trails. For a few reasons, biking seems to be a trail adventure rather than a commuting option, but a few projects are underway to change that perspective.

 Trail Mix, the Active Transportation Committee and the City are working together to improve infrastructure and access to information. The Active Transportation Committee maintains “mud reports” with information about trail conditions, and the City just updated the in-town biking map featuring the new multi-use trail on 500 West.  The new map lists several shuttle services that bikers can use.

In May, the City will install new bike safety reverse-angled parking in front of Zax Restaurant on the west end of 100 South. Recent studies in AZ showed that diagonal parking significantly reduces the number of bicycle related accidents.
The City government piloted a small in-house bike share program to lead by example and use bikes instead of vehicles for meetings and errands. The Police Department donated reused bikes for the pilot.

Community-wide, Moab supports and encourages biking. Bike to Work Day is May 14th so please join in and look for the snack and repair services located around town. The Grand County Public Library will be showcasing its Book Bike mobile! Some stations will have prizes and provide a simple tune up. Go to for list of stations. Tentative breakfast sites (7:30 – 9:00 am) are City Hall, Moab Information Center and afternoon stations (4:30-5:30 pm) are Youth Garden, & Swanny.

May is also the official Bike Workplace Challenge month. Companies of equal size compete across the country through the Love to Ride organization. Love to Ride has a few different options – flat fee plus a cost per participant but you can register as a “group” for free. There is a Moab Team that anyone can join to track your trips, even a trip a week counts. Participant will be entered a local prize drawing and be eligible for the national drawing as well. If your bike needs some work – there is a free bike repair kit at Swanny Park and the high school launched a Bike Technican Certificate Program so hire a graduate for help.

Love to Ride is host to the National Bike Challenge (May- Sept) and two monthly challenges: Worksite Challenge in May and the international Workplace Challenge in September. The National Bike Challenge is a five-month challenge and includes all types of team.  To register a Team or Join – “Moab”– go to or for more details.

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