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Cycling & Conservation
By Rosemarie Russo

Sustainablemoab websiteThanks to all the citizens and businesses that committed to conservation through:
Participating in the “Love to Ride” September Cycle Challenge;
Joining the free Green to Gold Business Program; and Conducting lighting assessments.

All of the initiatives will reduce air pollution, keep dollars within the community and increase the health and wellness of our community. Love to Ride was a national challenge to increase the number of people that ride either as commuters or for fun. The top rider for Moab was Councilmember, Karen Guzman Newton – way to “Lead by Example!” Council member Kalen Jones also participated throughout the month. Eve Tallman clocked in the most days commuting and Didar Charles recorded the most miles biking to work. All participants were entered into an AWESOME prize drawing and collectively reduced 19 tons of air emissions and lost 13 lbs.! If participants continue riding, at least twenty miles per week they will keep $5,100 in their pockets or bike bags! Nationally 16,994 people registered 2,617,121 miles.

Over the past several month’s churches, schools and businesses have been joining the new Green to Gold Program. Participants agree to address their impact through assessments, facility audits, and free training and rebate programs. The focus in 2018 has been water and energy. This summer partners saved 851,768 kWh that is the equivalent of taking 136 cars off the road for a year or annual CO2 emissions from 68 homes. Please support the partners that are helping to make Moab a more vibrant, healthy community.

For more info on the Green to Gold Program or to schedule a free facility audit, please contact Dr Rosemarie Russo at

KZMU Sustainabilty Initiatives

KZMU Sustainability Initiatives: The KZMU station and offices have been powered by the sun since 2008. Our 60-panel array generates more than our share of electrical power 6-7 months out of the year and has removed more than 272,000 pounds of Co2 emissions form the air.

In addition to energy efficiency, we’re working with TerraSophia LLC, an ecological design consulting, education and licensed contracting firm, to make the station grounds more beautiful and ecologically friendly. By using carbon sequestering landscaping methods, we are mitigating flammable and noxious weeds while providing a habitat for more native perennials. During a recent landscaping party, KZMU Trustee and Soil Researcher, Sasha Reed lead a small group of volunteers in “planting” biocrust samples behind the station as an experiment in stabilizing the sandy slope and nourishing barren earth.

KZMU is also beginning to take strides to reduce our media waste. As a radio station we are inundated with CDs, padded mailers, packaging materials, and single use paper. We are exploring small changes in our Music Department that can make a big impact in limit waste while also increasing the quality and quantity of music that goes out over our air.

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