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Happenings Hats at Redtail Air

Women's hats are happening and they’re hot!

You have a head; why not dress it up with a hat this season? Hats are back in and it’s easier than ever to sport the most noticeable fashion item you can wear.

Redtail Air carries a wide variety women's hats, from suede fedoras and gamblers to straw sun hats and the season’s most popular—the bucket hat. We have something that will appeal to every taste.

Since the beginning of time, hats have been worn for two reasons—for function and to make a statement. From fashion and status to protection, religious practices, and political affiliation, a hat tells the story. They identify the class to which a wearer belongs, differentiate nationalities, military branches and ranks, and types of other occupations. Sometimes they are tied to personal identity; just say a few names, and a hat comes to mind—Jackie Kennedy, Minnie Pearl, Winston Churchill and Davy Crockett.

Tracking the history of women's hats with the growth of fashion in Western Europe and the US is complex. Women's hat fashions began in the Renaissance and grew dramatically with the nineteenth-century industrial revolution. They had to keep up with the rapidly changing hairstyles and clothing fashions of the day. At times material shortages caused by wars modified current styles. During the world wars of the 20th century, hat materials were not rationed, and elaborate creations brightened otherwise dreary utility fashions.

Following women's hat styles in the last century, including war time, is like taking a roller coaster ride. Sometimes they were large and highly decorated, and sometimes small and exceedingly feminine, with nets and sparkles. In the 60's, hats fell out of fashion but came back in during the 80's with Princess Diana. After a quiet period, they are making a strong re-entry today in a multitude of styles that suit all activities and looks.

Come on into Redtail to try on our fun and fashionable hats, and while you are in the store, check out our beautiful cool weather wraps that go so well with these hats. You will be glad that you did! 23 North Main Street, open 10-7 daily. 355-0889

Canyonlands Quilts New Shop

Canyonland Quilts is a new quilt shop located in the Moab Business Park a few miles south of town.

Chyrrel Meyer is the owner of this fun Quilt shop. She moved here about 10 years ago with her Heating and Air Conditioning business Advanced Air. The opportunity came up in May 2018 to open up a small quilt shop and become a Handi Quilter Certified Retailer. We opened up shop in late June and have been growing every since. Chyrrel is certified to install repair and maintain the Handi Quilter long arm quilting machines and the Stitch Sewing machines.

Chyrrel has been a sewing and quilting enthusiast since youth. “My grandfather was an inspiration to me as he quilted until he was 97 years old and donated over 1000 quilts to hospitals, he also quilted over 100 eagle quilts and gave them to the young men that earned their eagle scout award. My fondest memories are when we were gathered around a quilt hand stitching them with aunts, cousins, mother and grandmother” says Chyrrel.

It is amazing to see the technology is available now, from the times of hand stitching quilts to the new CNC machines of quilting. The ProStitcher has over 1500 quilt patterns and each of those can be manipulated in dozens of different ways. The shop is set up to take a test drive on the long arm machines and classes are offered if you are interested in renting the machine to finish your own quilt. There is something to be said about being able to take your fabric from start to finish and produce your own one a kind Quilt. Canyonland Quilts offers custom quilting if you want to bring your quilt in and have it done for you. You take care of the top, we can bring it to the finish with the backing the batting and the binding.

The shop has Riley Blake Design fabric and notions, along with a full inventory of Handi Quilter Quilting supplies. Order from our website, we ship daily. The website shows the classes, and products. We will be having a Handi Quilter National Educator coming to Moab in the March 2019 for a 2 Day Demo/Training event. Get certified to rent the Longarm machine at our Wednesday evening training class.

Our hours are 4-9pm Monday-Friday and Saturday 9-5. It’s always best to call to schedule an appointment, since heating and air conditioning is my job and Canyonland Quilts is my passion. Give us a call 435-668-7454, stop by and see us at 11850 S Highway 191 #C9, Moab, Utah or visit our web site at
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