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Restaurant Happenings  December 2002

Yes, Virginia, you can eat Christmas Dinner in Moab!
by Theresa King

Many people say that ALL the restaurants in Moab close for the winter...that is simply not true.

Moab Happenings spent several hours calling our dining comrades and acquired their winter schedules. Of the 45 restaurants in Moab, only five are closing for the month of December. I have noticed for the past two “off-seasons” the eating establishments of Moab have become more accommodating to their dining customers in the wintertime. Every place is not open every day, but with a little planning, you can find several wonderful dining choices. Because of the decreased public demand it is only prudent that many of them change their schedules and are only open certain days of the week. For specific times and locations check out the Moab Restaurant Guide on pages 15-18 of this issue. Also remember to check out the Holiday Happenings coupon packet (you received in it the mail, if you live here....or pick one up at the Moab Information Center, if you don’t live here) for many special deals on dining and shopping in Moab this Holiday season.

So here’s the list of who’s open for the following holidays (as of press time):

There are 16 places to choose from on Christmas Eve
(again, please call for specific hours and special menus):

Branding Iron

 Pizza Hut

 Denny’s  Poplar Place
 Eddie McStiff’s  Red Rock Bakery
 Hogi Yogi/Teriyaki Stix Japanese Grill  Smitty’s Golden Steak
 J.J. Norths Country Family Restaurant  Sorrel River Grill

 Knave of Hearts Bakery

 Moab Brewery  Szechuan
 Moab Diner  Zax

On Christmas Day six of Moab’s restaurants will be open and serving....

Denny’s  Red Rock Bakery
 J.J. Norths Country Family Restaurant  Sorrel River Grill
 Moab Brewery  Szechuan

New Year’s Eve presents a new twist in the dining scene with some eating establishments featuring their regular fare and others making a special effort because of the holiday, your many choices include:

Banditos Grill

 Branding Iron


 HogiYogi/Teriyaki Stix

 J.J. Norths Country Family     Restaurant

 Knave of Hearts Bakery

 La Hacienda

 Moab Brewery

 Pasta Jay’s

 Poplar Place

 Red Cliffs Resort & Restaurant
(having a special menu, call for details)

 Red Rock Bakery

 Rio Colorado & Bar
(featuring live music by Moab’s own Stonefed for New Year’s Eve Party)

 Smitty’s Golden Steak

 Sorrel River Grill
(always elegant, call for reservations)

 Sunset Grill
(another special feature, for sure)



New Year’s Day - January 1, 2003... Can you believe it??? The mix of restaurants open today again varies between special event menus and those who know that there will be many folks just needing to get a good meal before driving home for the holidays. Here’s the list in reverse alphabetical order:

Zax  Pasta Jay’s
 Szechuan  Moab Brewery
 Sorrel River Grill  LaHacienda
 Smitty’s Golden Steak  J.J. Norths Country Family Restaurant
 Rio Colorado Restaurant & Bar  HogiYogi/Teriyaki Stix
 Red Rock Bakery  Denny’s
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