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Subway -
Moab’s “Heart-Healthy” Sandwich Shop

Subway Sandwich Shop first arrived in Moab in 1987 at 74 South Main Street. The business was owned and operated by John Hartley until 1996 when it was purchased by Ivan Walker, Inc. from Pleasant Grove, Utah. In 1998, Subway moved to 299 South Main Street where it now resides, sharing the location with Walkers’ Phillip 66 Gas Station and Convenience Store. Artist Tarmina painted a lively mural of Moab bikers inside the store in 1998.

Subway of Moab
299 South Main Street
Open 7 days a week all year.

Winter hours
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Nov. 1 thru Feb. 28

Summer hours
10:00 AM-10:00PM
March 1 thru Oct. 31

According to Manager Kelly Frandsen, Moab’s Subway employs five full time winter season employees including: supervisor, Ryan and Sandwich Artists, Cody, Jessica, Kevin, and Tanya. Summer season adds four additional employees for a total of nine. Kelly has worked for Subway in Moab for seven years and has managed the store since 1999. Typically, Kelly works five days a week in the winter season and often seven days a week during the summer season. Not uncommon during Fat Tire Festival, Subway will serve 400 sandwiches per day.

Featured menu items include a choice of over 15 hearty, nutritious varieties including the “Subway Selects”:

Caesar Italian B.M.T.
Honey Mustard Turkey
Horseradish Steak and Cheese - hot
Southwest Chicken - hot

Accompanying menu items are selections of four salads, four traditional wraps, soft drinks, chips, cookies. “Kids Pak” and “Fresh Value Meals” combine items for complete meal planning at a price break to consumers.
Summer season menu enhancements will bring nine fruit smoothie flavors complete with nine “Blend-In Boosts” and soft yogurt in small and large sizes.

For those last minute party plans or office meetings “Party Platters” will be prepared and ready for you to pick up with only two hours notice. With 48 hours notice, the ever popular “Party Subs” can be ready for special occasions such as birthdays or group meetings.

Complementing Subway’s sandwiches are great specialty choices of breads including country wheat, wheat, parmesan oregano, asiago cheese and Italian. You can add your preferred additional flavors with sauces such as honey mustard, southwest, horseradish, asiago cheese. All ingredients are shipped to restaurants ready to assemble for serving.

Subway has become known for its fresh ingredients and for its healthy choice of meals for the consumer. Many of the sandwiches are rated for special diets such as low calorie, low fat and low sodium.

Subway together with Jared (Subway TV spokesman who lost 245 lbs. on Subway sandwich diet) will be joining thousands of Americans for the American Heart Walk. To find out how you can participate, please call 1-800-AHA-USA1 or visit american or

Kelly has yet to meet Jared and is hoping he visits Moab Subway soon. Moab’s Subway invites you too!

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