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The Red Rock Bakery
Moab’s Great “From Scratch” Bakery

It’s a long way from Glasgow, Scotland, to Moab, Utah, but that’s the route Howard Trenholme took to start Red Rock Bakery in 1997. It wasn’t exactly a straight line from Scotland to Utah. Howard made a stop in Aspen where he worked in a bakery before teaming up with a friend who had a dream of opening her own bakery. Since Aspen is only a hop, skip, and a jump from Moab, the two made frequent trips here and decided Moab was the place to make their dreams come true.

The first “from scratch” bakery opened in the old Taco Bender building, now Banditos, located on North Main Street. In that location only briefly, the bakery moved to a tiny little building, now Hair Safari, on 100 South. Locals soon discovered the bakery’s famous scones and cinnamon rolls and began making stops daily for a cup of java and some pastries. It was also in this tiny little shop that Howard began perfecting his baking skills. Good thing as he and his partner decided to part ways and Howard took on the business by himself.

Howard didn’t skip a beat. He kept baking and kept dreaming and in 1998 made the big leap from a Moab side street to Main Street. When Subway vacated its prime location, Howard jumped at the chance to move into the spot and grow his business. And grow, it did. He started with only baked goods, coffee, and an occasional sandwich but soon added an espresso machine and a full line of sandwiches, soups, and baked goods. After only a couple of years, the Red Rock Bakery became a favorite hang out for both locals and visitors. People enjoy the warm, community atmosphere Howard has cultivated. They also appreciate the art that decorates the walls and spontaneous live music that pops up from time to time. Other folks stop in to use the internet café which offers time on the world wide web and to check email at a reasonable price.

Folks don’t have to stop at the busy Main Street location, although they will miss out on a lot of fun if they don’t. Howard has fully developed Red Rock Bakery’s wholesale business and his baked goods can be found at Dave’s Corner Market, Eklecticafe, and Mondo. Boxed lunches for coach tours or family picnics, are also available. Be assured that a boxed lunch from the Red Rock surpasses anything you could make in your own kitchen. Howard uses his fresh, home baked breads including his famous multi-grain and sourdough. His bagels, which have been proclaimed as the best in Utah by bagel aficionados all over the state, are rolled by hand and boiled. And Howard purchases only fair trade coffee in order to ensure farmers a living wage from their product.

Howard’s political leanings are helping Moab businesses, too. He is a member of the local economic development committee and a strong supporter of independent business owners. Additionally, he teaches Hospitality Management at CEU.

Whether you stop in to see the art, listen to the music, enjoy a latte, or chow down on a great sandwich or some baked goods, you are guaranteed a wonderful experience in one of Moab’s little independently owned gems. Howard’s goal was to have people walk into a place they’ll never forget. He wants everyone to remember Red Rock Bakery when they return home, wherever home is. By all accounts, he’s met his goal.

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Recipe of the Month
Fruit Scones

Combine in food processor. Add butter to dry mixture in small pieces until coarse. Add fruit. Whip together eggs and milk. Add to dry mixture. Wallet fold once, turn and wallet fold again. Roll to ¾ inch thickness. Egg wash and sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar mixture and cut into triangles. Bake at 425 degrees for 8 minutes in double pan. Bake another 3 minutes in single pan. Makes 8 scones.


Red Rock Bakery
• 74 S. Main
• Moab UT 84532
• (435) 259-5941

Open 7 days a week all year!

Winter hours:

Monday thru Saturday
7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

and Sunday
7 a.m. - 4 p.m.




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