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The River Grill at Sorrel River Ranch!
Fairy Tales Can Come True, It Can Happen to You.....





Robbie Levin had a dream. He saw a beautiful lodge situated on the shores of a great western river. The lodge would offer first-class lodging and fine dining to guests. They would be able to enjoy their evening meal on the porch while the sun dropped below the horizon. The landscape would transform into a mystical wonderland in the sweet light of sunset. There would be collective sighs and great happiness all around.

His dreams began to take form when he started traveling from his Park City home to Moab many years ago. He, like so many people who travel to this region, fell in love with the Colorado River and the cliffs that hug the shore. By 1994, Robbie and his wife Hope had moved to Moab and purchased the land, which not only satisfied Robbie’s dreams, but accommodated Hope’s need for horse property. A champion rider, Hope lovingly tends her horses that populate the pastures near the ranch. By 1995, the plans for the ranch were ready and Robbie forged ahead with the Sorrel River Ranch Resort and the River Grill Restaurant. Robbie designed the entire ranch himself. Once built, Hope took over with the decorating. Hope’s flair for creating ambience is obvious in every single room at the ranch, and most notably in the restaurant. She has filled the restaurant with antiques and western art. Oriental rugs accent the waiting area, and a grand piano graces the room. Even if you don’t manage to get a seat on the porch for dinner, you won’t be disappointed with the gorgeous setting Hope has artistically rendered inside.

It’s hard to figure out how Robbie’s background as a professional musician and clothing manufacturer for 18 years prepared him to design and build one of Moab’s premier resort destinations, but whatever the magic formula, it seems to have worked. No doubt his enthusiasm and positive approach to life played a big part in the success of the project. Robbie laughs about the various incarnations of his life. When asked if this is the last one, he says he’s not sure if it will be the last, but it’s certainly one of the most fun!

Robbie’s zest for living and excitement about his latest venture is apparent when he talks about the River Grill, which is tucked inside the lodge at Sorrel River Ranch. He loves to talk about his great staff. He brags on his chefs and restaurant and lodge managers. He doesn’t have to boast about the food on his menu because it easily speaks for itself. Robbie, Hope and his chefs have worked together to create a diverse selection of appetizers, salads, entrees and dessert. The Chicken Justine, a restaurant favorite, simply melts in your mouth. So does the generously cut filet mignon. The seafood selections are tantalizing, laced with fresh herbs and served on a bed of pasta. Since Robbie is himself a vegetarian, he’s taken special care with developing a wide assortment of vegetarian entrees, too. An artichoke fondue can begin your meal in an oh-so-wonderful way. And whatever else you do, save room for desserts. All of the River Grill desserts are homemade. The cheesecake is “lick your plate” good and not to be missed. Homemade pies and flans will also tempt your after-dinner sweet-tooth.

You have plenty of opportunity to dine at the River Grill, too. The restaurant is open seven days a week, 365 days a year. Breakfast and dinner are served, and you’re taking your chances on getting turned away if you don’t make dinner reservations. The River Grill at Sorrel River Ranch is one of those dining experiences that blends amazing views with great food and an enchanting ambience. You’ll hear happy sighs all around. Who can say dreams don’t come true? Not Robbie Levin!

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