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Moab Pets & Social Distancing
By Jessica Turquette – owner of Moab BARKery

During this unprecedented time in Moab’s recent history, we find ourselves at the Moab BARKery in all new territory. We have served the Moab community 7 days a week for over a decade to make sure you have easy access to high quality dog supplies as well as superior help and advice for living better with your furry friends.

We have decided to reduce our hours to give our staff time off and encourage social distancing. These new hours are temporary for the next few months.

To help you get the supplies you need with less exposure we are launching an online store so you can shop from home and pickup when it’s convenient for you. This will be a permanent feature and online orders will get priority and filled immediately before the store opens each day. We also encourage phone in orders and if you have shopped with us before and we should be able to use your history to ensure you get the right products.

Orders placed before 9am will be ready for pickup after 11am. Orders placed between 9am and 1pm will be ready by 4pm that day. Any orders placed after 1pm will be ready next day. Any orders placed Saturday after 1 pm will not be available till Tuesday morning due to temporary hours.

All frequent buyers programs (buy 12 get 1 free, etc) will be integrated by your email so make sure it’s accurate.
Orders under $25 will be processed with a small minimum handling fee

Delivery within 5 miles of the store will be available coming soon!
Here are a few tips to keep you and your bored pooch active and engaged during this time of social distancing:
Play a Game of Find the Treats: Nose work games are one of the easiest ways to tire out your dog. When you teach your dog some basic nose work games such as ‘find the treats’ you’re mentally tiring them out and helping them hone in on some of their natural skills. (chopped up carrots are my favorite treat to use for this game)

Grab some treats and have your dog watch as you place them around the room. Give your dog the cue to “find the treats” and encourage your dog to pick them up, remembering to praise them every time they find one. After you’re confident that your dog understands what “find the treats” means, you can make it a bit more challenging. Have them stay in another room as you hide the treats and start hiding them in spots they have to sniff out such as under a rug or behind a piece of furniture.

Make Your Dog Work for His Food: We give our dogs a nice comfy life — they get a warm bed, lots of attention, and all their meals for free. But our dogs were bred to work alongside us, and a lot of our dogs are missing out on some mentally stimulating activities. They’re natural scavengers, so having to work for food isn’t mean or unusual — it’s normal and mentally stimulating for them.

Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 6
USE coupon code : LOCAL10
to get your locals discount!

Dog-Friendly Walks/Hikes
in the Moab Area

Corona Arch - Easy/Moderate. 1.3 Miles one way. Trailhead is 25 minute drive from Moab. North on US-191 to Potash Road (Utah 279).

Mill Creek Pathway - Easy. 1.1 Miles. Little to no driving. Starts at the intersection of 100 South and 100 West, a block off of Main Street.

Portal Overlook - Hard. 2.0 Miles one way. Trailhead is 20 minute drive from Moab. N. on US-191 to Potash Road (Utah 279).

Grandstaff Canyon - Moderate. 2.0 Miles one way. Trailhead is 10-minute drive from Moab. North on US-191 to the River Road (Utah 128)


MoabBarkery website

Dog Friendly Walks/Hikes in the Moab Area
Trail or Walk Difficulty Length
(one way)
Proximity to Downtown
MillCreek Pathway
easy 1.1 miles Little to no driving
Starts at 100 S & 100 W
Portal Overlook
(trailhead @ Jaycee Park)
Hard 2.0 miles 25 min drive N on US-191 to W on Utah 279 (4.2 miles)
Moab Rim Hard 3.0 miles
(to Hidden Valley trail)
8 minute drive 2.6 miles down Kane Creek Blvd from US-191
Negro Bill Canyon
(aka William Grandstaff Canyon)
Moderate 2.0 miles 10 minute drive N on US-191 to
W on Utah 128, 3 miles
Hunter Canyon Easy 2.0 miles 25 minute drive (mild off-road)
7.5 miles down Kane Creek Blvd from US-191
Corona Arch Trail Easy/Moderate 1.5 miles 25 minute drive N on US-191 to
W Utah 279 (10 miles)
Hidden Valley
(trailhead at end of Angel Rock Rd)
Hard 2.0 miles 10 minute drive S on US-191
3 miles to Angel Rock Rd
Fisher Towers
(trailhead 2.2 miles off Utah 128)
Moderate 2.2 miles 35 minute drive N on US-191 to Utah 128, then 21 miles

Tips for enjoying your time with your dog here in the Moab area:

  • Bring lots of extra water for you and your dog.1 gallon per day for every 60lbs of dog!!
  • Don’t let dogs chase wildlife (especially coyotes, they can lead dogs into an ambush).
  • In the city, dogs are required to be leashed, but on public lands off leash with voice control is allowed.
  • Slickrock and sand is very abrasive!  Check paw pads often, or buy and use booties.
  • If it’s over 85 degrees only consider early AM or late PM hikes, daycare or leave your dog at home.
  • Pack out my poop!  Seriously or the other hikers without dogs will eventually demand no dogs allowed!

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