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PET HAPPENINGS September 2019

5 Things you can add to Supercharge your dog’s kibble!!
By Jessica Turquette – owner of Moab BARKery

1. Green Lip Mussles – they contain:

• Omega – 3 EPA
• Omega – 3 DHA
• Omega-3 ETA
• Glucosamine
• Chondroitin

The benefits of mussels relieves joint pain, protects cartilage, reduces joint inflammation, and stimulate cartilage production.

The best way to feed to your pets would be first frozen supplements like Primal Elixirs Mussel mélange. Next best any whole Freeze-dried treat, or powdered supplement like Super Snoots Joint power. Also a great cost effective ways would be to choose canned pet foods with mussels added.

2. Green Tripe – it contains:

• Calcium and Phosphorus in a perfect ratio of 1:1 for optimal absorption.
• Omega – 3 and Omega – 6 also in an optimal ration for superior assimilation.
• Healthy Unsaturated fat – providing quality long term energy

The best ways to feed your pets tripe would be frozen, like Vital essentials frozen pure green tripe. It should be stored long term in the freezer and only a 3 day supply should be defrosted in the refrigerator and feed as a small supplement to each meal or even just once a day in a small amount. Another easy and convenient way to feed is freeze dried tripe. It can be store room temperature in a sealed container and either be a healthy daily snack or reconstituted with warm water and added to dinner for a great topper. A little goes a long way.

3. Raw eggs – which contain all the following vitamins and minerals:
• Vitamin A
• Riboflavin
• Vitamin B12
• Iron
• Selinium
• Fatty acids

Eggs are packed full of biotin a nutrient whose primary function is to help metabolize carbohydrates and fats. This is what makes it a perfect topper for a kibble diet since it will help to process the non-bioavailable ingredients. Eggs are also a good source of choline which backs up biotin’s benefits by supporting a healthy metabolism, liver function, and energy production.

4. Fruits and Vegetables
• Pumpkin - There are numerous health benefits to pumpkin which make people refer to it as a super fruit. It’s a low calorie fruit rich in vitamins A & C, beta carotene, potassium, calcium, zinc, fiber, and magnesium. Canned or cooked fresh pumpkin is preferred.

• Blueberries – they are nutrient rich with antioxidents, and are high in fiber and water content! Frozen is best for handling and make an excellent treat on a hot summer day.

• Pineapple - It has a large amount of vitamin C as well as being high in fiber. It also has digestive enzymes, and is over 70% water. Because it’s so high in fiber use moderation when giving your dog pineapple as well, it’s a great topper with just a few small pieces.

• Carrots - Carrots are high in fiber, low in calories, a good source of beta carotene and vitamin A. Their extra crunchiness also makes them good for your dogs teeth. Carrots are pretty high in carbohydrates, so remember use in moderation.

• Sugar Snap Peas - Sugar snap peas are a good source of fiber, protein, phosphorus, folate, zinc, manganese, and potassium. They’re also a great source of vitamins C & K. Feed raw, but always rinse first and keep a few on hand for treats too!

5. Raw Goat Milk (available in the freezer only) –
• It’s easy to digest. Goat milk has smaller fat particles which produce a smaller, softer curd in the stomach. These curds are much easier for the body to break down in the gut and intestines. Goat milk is also low in milk sugars (lactose).

• It contains high amounts of short and medium-chain fatty acids. These nifty fatty acids provide an energy boost without storing “extra” as fat, can help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising good cholesterol (HDL), and can even help prevent coronary and intestinal disease.

• It reduces inflammation. Goat milk contains oligosaccharides and a unique enzymatic composition that soothes gut inflammation. Oligosaccharides act as prebiotics in the colon; promoting healthy gut flora, lowering occurrence of inflammation-causing bacteria, and even help repair damaged gut cells that may arise from such problems as leaky gut syndrome or diabetes.

• It provides complete, bioavailable nutrition. Goat milk not only contains exceptional amounts of nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, but the raw and natural (bioavailable) form of the nutrients are more easily digested and absorbed by the body. Disorders such as malabsorption, bone demineralization, and anemia may be prevented or treated by providing such bioavailable nutrition. Additionally, high amounts of selenium and zinc can help prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

Tip from the
Humane Society of Moab Valley
Traveling with Your Pet in Canyon Country:
Practice Water Safety - Just because your dog loves the water doesn’t mean he always knows its dangers! Keep an eye on your pet around water, especially when it’s an unfamiliar place. Animals won’t know about fast-moving currents, how tired they can get if they swim out too far (or for too long), and potentially-poisonous water sources, among other things. If your pet will be in and out of water often on your trip, bring along a life-jacket for him or her, too.


MoabBarkery website

Dog Friendly Walks/Hikes in the Moab Area
Trail or Walk Difficulty Length
(one way)
Proximity to Downtown
MillCreek Pathway
easy 1.1 miles Little to no driving
Starts at 100 S & 100 W
Portal Overlook
(trailhead @ Jaycee Park)
Hard 2.0 miles 25 min drive N on US-191 to W on Utah 279 (4.2 miles)
Moab Rim Hard 3.0 miles
(to Hidden Valley trail)
8 minute drive 2.6 miles down Kane Creek Blvd from US-191
Negro Bill Canyon
(aka William Grandstaff Canyon)
Moderate 2.0 miles 10 minute drive N on US-191 to
W on Utah 128, 3 miles
Hunter Canyon Easy 2.0 miles 25 minute drive (mild off-road)
7.5 miles down Kane Creek Blvd from US-191
Corona Arch Trail Easy/Moderate 1.5 miles 25 minute drive N on US-191 to
W Utah 279 (10 miles)
Hidden Valley
(trailhead at end of Angel Rock Rd)
Hard 2.0 miles 10 minute drive S on US-191
3 miles to Angel Rock Rd
Fisher Towers
(trailhead 2.2 miles off Utah 128)
Moderate 2.2 miles 35 minute drive N on US-191 to Utah 128, then 21 miles

Tips for enjoying your time with your dog here in the Moab area:

  • Bring lots of extra water for you and your dog.1 gallon per day for every 60lbs of dog!!
  • Don’t let dogs chase wildlife (especially coyotes, they can lead dogs into an ambush).
  • In the city, dogs are required to be leashed, but on public lands off leash with voice control is allowed.
  • Slickrock and sand is very abrasive!  Check paw pads often, or buy and use booties.
  • If it’s over 85 degrees only consider early AM or late PM hikes, daycare or leave your dog at home.
  • Pack out my poop!  Seriously or the other hikers without dogs will eventually demand no dogs allowed!

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