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Red Alert Behaviors:
by Jessica Turquette co-owner of Moab BARKery
Help keep your dog and other dogs safe.
If you see any of the following behaviors you need to –
Intervene, Interrupt and Pull your Dog Out!

1. Rolling
When one dog makes physical contact with another and knocks into him, causing him to tumble, somersault or roll over.

2. Tucked Tail
When the dog’s tail is so low the base is pressed tight to the anus. The tip of the tail is often under the stomach.

3. Pinning
When one or more dogs has another dog on it’s side or back for more than 5 seconds.

4. Hiding or Hovering
When the dog spends more than 5 seconds underneath something or hovering near a human. Dog’s tail will be low or tucked.


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