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Pet Happenings April 2010

Dog Beds –
Your Dog Needs One!

by Kaye Davis
of the Moab Barkery

Dogs are naturally active and playful through the day. They love to run around, jump up and down, and bark a lot. Some dogs, like the hunting and working breed dogs, go through extremely tiring and stressful tasks in a day. Dog owners must see to it that their pets get enough nutrition, sleep and rest to recharge the energy they’ve lost in these activities. Giving your dog a comfortable bed to sleep in can help avoid potential health risks and even provide numerous benefits.

dog bed

To provide comfort is the main aim of a dog bed. This is really important especially if you have older dogs. A good dog bed can help maintain healthy joints, relieve their soreness, and avoid arthritis. Aside from the comfort, dogs can also have their own personal space where they can curl up and relax. Dander control is also another advantage as it gives an area in which a majority of their shedding and dander is contained.

Another important benefit is insulation. Just when you think that dog fur is already enough to keep dogs warm when it’s cold, a dog bed can provide more warmth and comfort. It gives the dog the right insulation from both the heat of the summer or the bitter cold of winter.

Many times people look at quality beds and think they are too highly priced. They think that these beds are the same as the ones from big box stores that they can get for $20. It can be a big decision to invest in a quality bed for your dog but there are many reasons why it is absolutely worth it…

Higher Quality - A quality bed is not going to fall apart on you after your dog has laid on it for a week. If you are purchasing 4 beds a year at $20, doesn’t it make sense to buy one at $100 that will last you many years? Many quality beds are custom made in the USA with high quality fabric, stuffing, threading and not cheaply made in China with inferior products. West Paw Design beds are made in Montana using recycled soda bottles as filler and high quality cotton covers, including an organic cotton option.

More Stuffing - Ever wonder why your dog likes sleeping on your bed and the couch? Did you buy your dog bed and think - I wouldn’t even want to sleep on this? Does your dog’s bed flatten out after a few weeks of use?

Good dog beds have more stuffing so they don’t look like pancakes and don’t flatten out after a few weeks of use. They are made with high quality filler that will last much longer. Molly Mutt Dog Beds don’t even use fillers; they are duvet covers in multiple different and colorful designs that you stuff with your own filling such as old pillows, clothes or blankets – a chance to provide comfort and be kind to the environment.

Longer Lasting - A high quality dog bed is something that your dog will sleep on and use multiple times per day, every day. Don’t you want to get your dog something comfortable for when they use it? If you were to break down the price spent on a bed divided by the number of times your dog actually slept on it, you are talking about pennies or less per use. This is a fantastic deal!

Getting your dog a quality bed will not just bring them great comfort. It can also help you take care of their long term health. Let every dog sleep soundly and peacefully in a soft and warm cushioned dog bed!

Spring cleaning….
for the Dog?

by Lisa Lawrence
of Holistic Pet Grooming Studio

Spring is finally here and it’s the perfect time to get some spring cleaning done and the dog is no exception as the spring season brings on all kinds of problems when it comes to your dog’s coat. Most dogs are what they call “double coated”, this means there is an outer coat that is usually water proof and the under coat. The undercoat is dropped to allow for a cooler summer coat to come in, when this occurs two things can happen depending on the breed, shedding or matting.

Shedding can be a nuisance for you and your dog. The hair drops out leaving little “tumbleweeds” of fluff wafting through your home, not to mention the hair that is left on you and in your car. For your dog this can be a very itchy process and many people will find their dogs chewing at themselves and their skin can become quite flaky. Coming to the groomer gives you a chance to clean up your home while the groomer can clean up your dog. A medicating and soothing shampoo is used and the hair is blown out from your dog cutting the shedding down by 90%.

Matting is a much more serious problem that can create quite a few health issues if not addressed. Many breeds such as Shetland Sheepdogs, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos and Maltese can suffer a great deal if the blown coat is not removed from the outer coat. If this hair is not removed, it just sits in the outer coat and eventually will mat up. This can happen fairly rapidly, so the minute you find your dog’s coat starting to clump up it is important to get it removed.

The matting can only be removed by a clipping if left for too long. That’s the easy route. Oftentimes I have seen a coat left too long and the mats are so tight against the skin the clipping can be quite painful and can only be done under sedation which is done at a vet’s office at the vet’s prices.

To ask a groomer to demat your dog is a challenge to both the dog and the groomer. Just like people tangles hurt when they are brushed out and your dog doesn’t understand why this painful process is being done to them. If your dog is matted the kindest thing for your dog is to clip him down and start over with a healthy coat.

So that they may enjoy a wonderful summer of walks up on the Sand Flats, make an appointment today to spring clean your canine companion.


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