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Pet Happenings December 2009

Animal Reiki
by Lisa Lawrence Moore

What is Reiki?
Animal ReikiReiki is hands-on healing method developed in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui in the nineteenth century. Rei means “universal” and ki or chi in Chinese means “life force energy”. Although chi is not visible to the naked eye, even physics tells us that all things possess energy including the smallest particles of matter as well as inanimate objects that are known to carry very low frequencies of energy.

Buddhism and other Eastern Traditions tell us that there are two types of life force energy; internal and external. Internal life force energy is the subtle energy that exists in the body and mind of all living things. Internal life force energy runs through the body in what are called “meridians”. Once these meridians become blocked or imbalanced illness can be the result.

Reiki treats the whole being, addressing problems and healing at all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki is a part of an emerging field of energetic healing techniques rediscovered from the wisdom and knowledge of ancient cultures for use in modern times.

A Reiki treatment is given with the hands of the practitioner placed directly on or at a short distance from the client. Reiki is energetic in nature, it can be sent across a distance, across the room, but also to another geographic location. Reiki is used to maintain health and energetic balance in a healthy being, to heal illness, injuries, emotional and spiritual problems and to ease the transition between life and death.

Animal ReikiReiki goes directly to the source of the problem, even if it’s unknown to the client and the practitioner and it will heal at a level and intensity that a being is open to receive. The feeling of receiving Reiki is one of deep relaxation.

In practicing Reiki with animals I find the more animals I treat the more I encounter animals that need healing. Animals understand Reiki’s benefits and will often seek me out when they need healing. The beauty of Reiki as a healing system is its simple, gentle nature combined with its powerful and transformative results.

With humans, a Reiki treatment is given with the hands of the practitioner on or close to the body. An established sequence of specific hand positions is followed out of respect for the tradition. Research has shown the approach to animals with Reiki is very different.

The sequence of hand positions is often not at all comfortable to the animal. It’s not as if they just lie on a massage table patiently waiting for treatment. Working from a short distance is much more comfortable for the animal and because of this no two animal Reiki treatments are ever alike. Some animals will lie down across the room and go to sleep. Some will eventually sniff my hands then place the area that most needs treatment within my hands. And some others may just walk away refusing to accept treatment at all. There are even those that will accept Reiki greedily one day and be offended by it the next day.

Animal ReikiThe one thing we humans must remember is animals speak a completely different language than us. They communicate through smell, touch, some sounds, eye contact and energy. One thing animals do much better than us is to pick up on both positive and negative energy much more readily than people do because that is a huge part of their language.

I, as a Reiki practitioner, will never truly understand how sensitive animals are to energy and they know instinctively how to use it or benefit the most from it. Animals also have absolutely no capacity for lying. They are incredibly honest. If they do not want Reiki one day they may even snap or kick you if they are pushed. That same animal on another day may lie down and place their sore hips or broken heart within your hands.

Reiki is not only a benefit to people but perhaps more than anything it’s a powerful healing tool for all animals with any problem. An initial Reiki treatment usually involves me, the practitioner, going to the animal’s home environment. After that I can go to the home or continue treatments at my studio located at the Moab BARKery on Main Street. At that first meeting I will let the animal sniff me and get the curiosity out of their system. The owner will usually leave me alone but I sometimes have owners sit quietly nearby as I work with their pet. I then ask their permission to give them treatment and it is at that point the animal will “tell me” through posture and other clues whether I have permission or not. A treatment usually lasts from one to two hours depending on the animal.

In no way should Reiki replace regular and consistent Veterinarian care. But Reiki can make healing go faster, or eliminate the use of sedation (for travel or other events that bring on anxiety) or pain pills. It can improve a pet’s performance within the home and to develop stronger bonds with their owners. It can help with pain, depression, healing from an injury of surgery, anxiety from thunder storms or other phobias and in some cases fear or aggression. It really is always up to the individual animal and what they need or want.

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