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Non-Profit Happenings April 2013

Practice Frontier Medicine at the Moab Free Health Clinic

Moab Free Health ClinicCan a town with over a million visitors annually boasting a thriving recreational economy and serving fantastic fresh sushi be considered the frontier? The Moab Free Health Clinic says yes.

Despite the quality health care available at the local hospital and physician’s practices, the Moab Free Health Clinic’s mission is to help the community access that care either through information or providing affordable care to those in need. This community cooperation and affordability are health care’s new frontier, and the volunteer-driven Moab Free Health Clinic is excited to take on the task.

Located almost two hours from Grand Junction, CO, the nearest city, Moab is a rural town surrounded by a stunning desert landscape with views not too different from when Moab was added to the map in 1884. Each day people are pushing the limits of Moab’s red rock frontier by bike, boat, rope, or on foot, and to many people there is nothing quite as satisfying as grabbing a burger at Milt’s after a long day on the trail.

But do you ever stop to think about who is serving you that meal? Or driving you to the trailhead? Or providing the necessary upkeep or community services to keep Moab in business?

It is no secret Moab runs on the tourist economy, and the Moab Free Health Clinic aims to serve residents who make the excellent recreational opportunities in the region a possibility. It may not be lucrative for some to live in Moab, but this small town of 5,000 year round residents has a thriving community well worth investing in.

The Moab Free Health Clinic opened its doors in 2008 and is proud to provide care to many residents who often go uninsured and struggle to afford health care due to the seasonal nature of work in Moab. The clinic provides authentic charity care as a donation funded non-profit focused on primary care, education, and prevention services. Relying on the generous volunteerism of local and visiting medical providers of all kinds, medical assistants, and staff, there are so many ways to support clinic services and programs.

While medical care at the clinic is focused on those most in need, the clinic can help anyone including visitors navigate the network of health and social services in the area through its comprehensive Community Resource Manual. Just call the clinic and the staff will work hard to find answers to health care questions and send people who do not qualify for Moab Free Health Clinic services in the right direction.

Volunteer Kelley BehThe Moab Free Health Clinic recruits volunteer medical providers from Moab and the region —including Utah and beyond— who help Moab’s workers and families stay healthy. The clinic’s official request to medical professionals: consider volunteering as part of your Moab vacation.

If you or anyone you know loves Moab and wants to volunteer at the clinic located on 350 South 400 East give us a call! Take a tour. Learn about how we partner with the community to help Moab receive the best care possible in our building and beyond it. The up-to-date website lists the clinics services and how anyone can support the clinic through volunteerism, donations, and spreading to word. For more information: 435-259-1113 or

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