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Non-Profit Happenings April 2012


Currents at Star Hall - April 13 &14
Theater Event Benefits Affordable Housing in Moab

People who love the theater are going to want to head to Moab’s Star Hall on April 13 or 14 to enjoy an evening of short plays - written, produced, directed and performed by local Moab talent. It is a collaborative production that will help raise money for Community Rebuilds, a Moab nonprofit that moves low-income families into energy-efficient housing and teaches deep green construction to emerging professionals.

The program entitled Currents is written by Jim Lindheim, a long-time Castle Valley resident. The first half of the evening consists of three short satiric vignettes, which take some familiar elements of current day life and spin them off into absurd directions. The second half is a one-act play that tells the story of four people struggling over whether they can form a family unit for the sake of a little boy. The play is set in Moab – and is intended for adults only.

“It’s a play about people we all know,” playwright Jim shares. “ Like those writers who love to write about Southerners or New Yorkers, I’m trying in this play to write about people in our modern West. The play is set in Moab because it really has to be.”

As for the other plays, Lindheim says, “I love to play around with absurd notions – it takes the edge off of everyone’s solemnity, particularly my own.”

Most of the 13 actors performing in the evening’s mixture of laughter and drama are usual suspects from Moab’s Community Theatre group, which is also co-producing the show. “We’ve got some great actors here in Moab,” said Jim. “It is so amazing to see characters in your head being transformed by fine acting into live persons that are so much richer than you ever imagined.”

The evening of four plays is the brainchild of Emily Niehaus, the founder and director of Community Rebuilds and an active participant in Moab’s theater world. “This very special evening combines two of the things that I love most,” she said. “My work to build a sustainable future and my passion for the stage.”

Theater lovers can purchase general admission tickets to Currents for $10 each. Those who want to make a larger contribution to Community Rebuilds are invited to attend a pre-show Desert and Wine Extravaganza at Framed Image Gallery on Opening Night, April 13 for $30 / ticket ($50 for a couple), hosted by Lindheim and Niehaus. They will also get a special reserved seat for the Opening Night performance.

Visit for ticket information. Call Emily Niehaus at 435-260-0501 for general information.

A 2-day celebration of the Art Car& TranspARTation in Moab, UT TranspARTation includes a parade, prizes & adoration from Art Car fans everywhere.

Art Cars are street legal vehicles that have been permanently modified into works of art. They can be used to drive back & forth to work, pick up the kids from soccer practice, or tootle to the trailhead. Art Cars are licensed, registered & insured.
TranspARTation is anything that has been changed to a vehicle of human imagination. TranspARTation does not have to be street legal, but it needs to be safe. It can begin with a car, unicycle, scooter, ATV, lawnmower, wheel-barrow, or roller skates. There are few limitations.

April 15th, 2012- Registration deadline for Art Cars. We will accept up to 5 official Art Cars, and designation makes you eligible for gas reimbursement, housing, and prizes.

May 15th, 2012- Registration deadline for the TranspARTation Parade. Ride in the parade to be eligible for prizes and raise your cool factor!

May 26th, 10 am – Parade for Art Cars and TranspARTation. Ride, drive, or scoot from the ball fields to Swanny City Park where the Moab Arts Festival will be in full swing. Strut your stuff, for entries will be judged by talented & GOOD LOOKING judges. Winners will be announced during the Moab Arts Festival.

May 26th & 27th Art Car Show at Swanny City Park. Up to 5 official Art Cars will be on display during the Moab Arts Festival. Juried show.

Contact the MARC at 435-259-6272
for details or go to

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