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Non-Profit Dance Band to Partner with Wabi-Sabi

The Moab Community Dance Band has been putting on a contra dance almost monthly for the past 5 years. Dancers are encouraged to donate $5.00 per person to benefit a selected beneficiary. Over the years MCDB has given a total of approximately $2600 to many of our local organizations such as the Humane Society, the Recycling Center, Club Red, the Christmas House Box, Moab Music Festival Educational Outreach, and the Moab Valley Multicultural Center to mention a few.

Moab Community Dance BandWhat is a contra dance you ask? The dance has its origins from the “Old Country.” Dances are done in long lines dancing with a partner and a set of neighbors. Many of the moves are similar to the moves done in a square dance. At the end of a dance you will have danced with everyone in the line. A well-known caller among Contra Dancers, Tony Parkes, says, “Contra dancing is an enjoyable social activity that almost anyone can join in. It can serve as an icebreaker, an exercise medium, and a means of building community spirit. With a very small investment of time and money, people of all ages and conditions can learn a skill that will pay huge dividends of happiness for a lifetime.” Truly, the dances are fun and energetic. All dances are taught and called, which means no experience is necessary, nor do you need to come with a partner. If you want to see what a Contra Dance looks like, go to You Tube and see some excellent videos.

We would love to hold a dance for your organization. Ideally, we ask that someone in your organization attend the dance to collect money and to give a plug for your cause. In addition, we ask that you advertise the dance within your organization in order to bring in more people. More people means more money raised, and it means more fun. If you would like to have a dance benefiting your organization, please contact Peggy Harty 259-4270.

This year, unless we have a specific benefit group, we will continue to hold dances on a monthly basis and proceeds of the dance will go to Wabi-Sabi to be divided among the many organizations that Wabi-Sabi benefits. We encourage you to come and participate.

Mark your calendar for dances this year. They are on the 3rd Saturday of each month with a few exceptions (*): Nov. 20th; (*1st Sat. Dec. 4th); Jan. 15th; (* 2nd Sat. Feb. 12th); March 19th; April 16th; May 21st; June 18th; Tentative dates for Summer, July 16th; August 20th.

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