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WabiSabi Enhances Our Community

The WabiSabi Kids Art Tent provides free arts and crafts activities using recycled materials at festivals through out the region. Here children are tiedyeing pillow cases.

It is the WabiSabi belief that beauty lies in imperfection, that new is not necessarily nicer, and that our discards could very well be our salvation. In this way, WabiSabi is more than just an organization; it’s a way of life.

WabiSabi is a Moab-based nonprofit that exists to support the health and wealth of the entire community. In pursuing this end, WabiSabi works via many avenues, bringing the WabiSabi philosophy to its multi-tiered efforts.

WabiSabi operates two thrift stores in the Moab community that serve to recycle materials that would otherwise be deposited in the landfill. Proceeds from the sale of these donated items are distributed among WabiSabi’s nonprofit partners, thus contributing to their financial viability. Those making purchases or donations at WabiSabi’s stores are able to vote for the organization that they’d most like to support. Twice a year, financial awards are distributed based on the percentage of votes each nonprofit receives.

WabiSabi has two thrift stores in Moab (411 Locust Lane & 145 W 200 South).

Each store has its own personality. The Thriftique is a gem of a store with a variety of unique and sought-after items. This store features the best in used quality clothing (adult and children’s), collectibles, sportswear, books and camping equipment. The Thriftique is located at 411 Locust Lane (across from Milt’s) and can be reached at 259-9114.

The Warehouse is a great place to wander and rummage in the best tradition of old-fashioned thrift stores. This location features reduced price clothing, furniture, housewares and children’s items. The Recycled Building Materials section is also found at the Warehouse, offering up all that you might need for your next remodeling project. The Warehouse is located at 145 West 200 South, #6 (across from the Gonzo Inn) and can be reached at 259-3313.

At WabiSabi’s annual fashion show fundraiser local artists turn items from the thrift stores into wearable art

However, WabiSabi is much more than just thrift stores. While the stores are the essential, beating heart of the organization, WabiSabi’s reach extends beyond the walls of its storefronts and into every corner of the community. WabiSabi engages in educational outreach about its local nonprofit partners, enhancing their voice and presence in the community. WabiSabi also puts on free workshops emphasizing sustainability and creative expression. The organization offers a grant – the Make A Difference in Moab Fund – that supports projects seeking to increase the quality of life in the area. WabiSabi donates materials from its stores to in-need communities and the organizations that serve them. And the organization provides free community meals each winter – a season when many residents find themselves out of work.

WabiSabi also offers arts and crafts projects for children at festivals through its Kids Art Tent, teaching the WabiSabi ethic to new generations. The traveling tent offers up numerous arts and crafts projects for children at festivals throughout the region, turning community discards into collaborative art. This year’s Moab Folk Festival includes a taste of the Art Tent experience at the ball field. Twice a day, WabiSabi will provide free kids activities, including Bingo and tie-dyeing.

In all of these efforts and more, WabiSabi is an integral part of the Moab community, supporting its eclectic sense of identity and the diversity of residents that comprise it. 

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