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Grand Area Mentoring Continues Successfully

Grand Area Mentoring (known locally as GrandAM) is nearing the close of its fourth year serving Moab students. Since 2005, GrandAM has been matching volunteer mentors with students in Kindergarten through 11th Grade. Mentors and students meet for an hour each week in one-on-one sessions at school or in small groups throughout the community. They develop a friendship by pursuing a diverse range of activities including board games, sports, reading, artwork, and learning new skills like sewing or rock identification.

GrandAM’s success is confirmed by a marked improvement in pro-social skills and academic performance. National research suggests that mentored students will have:

· improved attitudes toward school
· higher grades
· improved relationships with peers and adults
· higher self-confidence.

School-based mentoring could not exist in Moab without the participation of two important groups: Financial contributors and volunteer mentors. GrandAM donors include: George and Dolores Eccles Foundation, Grand County School District, Rocky Mountain Power Foundation, Synergy Company, Footprints Inc, Wells Fargo Foundation, Moab Half Marathon, Fulghum Family Foundation, Energy Solutions, St. Pius X Catholic Church, and many generous citizens.

With more than one thousand five hundred hours of mentoring during this school year, these volunteers are making a difference. To learn more about how you can join this growing movement, call Dan at 435-260-9646 or email and be sure to mention you read about it in Moab Happenings.

As the heart and soul of GrandAM, the following mentors have given one or more hours each week to help our children reach their potential during the 2008/2009 school year:
Barb Caraway
Shirley Cather
Lynn Koon
Tom Warren
Stephanie Bergner
Colleen Tibbetts
Megan McGee
Michelle Stenta
Eleanor Inskip
Alex Porpora
Delite Primus
Lindsey Bartosh
Jim McGann
Kevin McGann
Mary McGann
Hillary Mead
Lois Jamison
Wendy McDougald
Anthony Mason
Megan McGee
Cathy Birsfield
Karen Hostetter
Dick Bradley
Judy Carroll
Danette Johnson
Erin Cooper
Joel Hickok

Kathy Reske
Melinda Snow
Karen Henker
Kathy Cooney
Wendy Hoff
Carol Hoggard
Carrie Fisher
Sue Kirkham
Michele Onderko
Alison Green
Susan Fullmer
Joan Gough
Jessica Driskell
Daniel McNeil
Amy Hultzman
Marcy Till
Dale Weiss
Peggy O’Reilly
Jim Webster
Linda Bynum
Lois Cooper
Ron Olsen
Nori Swanson
Rosanne Nicol
Janie Tuft
Robyn Johnson

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