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Film Society Presents a
Series of Comedies

Canyonlands Film SocietyThese days, everyone needs a good laugh! In fact, throughout history when finances were tight and unemployment rose, people laughed as loud and hard as they could, and they used comedy as an escape from or a comment on the realities of the day. So mark your calendars for the 10th and 27th of January, February, and March, because the newly re-grouped Canyonlands Film Society is preparing for our first Winter Film Series and our theme for 2009 is comedy.

We will present six classic comedies at Star Hall, 6:30 pm, beginning on January 10th. We are looking forward to exploring films that have impacted the genre of comedy. Unexpected gems of cinema are what we look for and are excited to share. We’ll include some background information on each film, explain why it is considered a classic comedy and give you things to look for – bloopers, interesting camera moves, a director’s signature flourish perhaps.

This event is for movie lovers, people who like to laugh, as well as those folks who want to get out on a cold winter night. Entry is by donation, and we may have a few raffles too! Did we mention that Star Hall has a wonderful new projection system?

Canyonlands Film Society is volunteer-operated nonprofit organization, and our mission is to “enrich our community by providing meaningful and diverse films.” CFS has been an entity since 1987. In the past, a very dedicated and energetic team of community members brought films to Moab, often through film festivals. Currently we are proud to be supported by the Moab Arts Council for our Winter Film Series. We also present films for businesses, touring groups, and event coordinators. In addition, we offer our film services free to local nonprofits and have a portable projector that we can take “on the road” for outdoor movies, side-of-garage-showings, etc. Have projector, will travel.

CFS also works with the Moab Film Commission, which supports local filmmakers. We will collaborate with the Film Commission for the 3rd annual Get Reel in Moab Film Festival next year.

Our website, currently under construction, will offer details about events, membership, and film resources. Check us out soon at Contact us now at

We hope to see you all this winter at Star Hall on the 10th and 27th of January-March. Doors open at 6:30 pm for social and raffle time. Films will begin at 7:00. Entry by donation. Movies to be announced soon.


The Letters Project:
A Moab Community Theatre Production

Moab Community Theatre is pleased to announce its latest production, The Letters Project, which will be performed January 23rd, 24th, 30th, and 31st at 7 pm at Star Hall. This project is truly a Moab original. Each element of the theatrical process has taken place right here in our little town, including the writing of the script. It offers an exiting approach in telling the unique stories that have been shaped here.

Directors Emily and Chad Niehaus placed a call for letters in the local papers in October of 2008. The call asked for written correspondence of any kind – no restrictions were placed. They had no idea what they were going to receive, and that was the whole point. They wanted to find out how folks would respond to such a call – what type of letters people would think would fit such a project. They placed the decisions of plot, theme, emotional content, etc. in the hands of anyone interested in participating.

Over forty letters were received (including an extra tall stack of love letters) that span a broad spectrum of emotion, pace, and background from a diverse set of community members. Much of the human experience is represented here, and all of it is locally grounded in some way, shape, or form.

Of the forty plus letters, twenty-three were selected for the production. These letters all lend themselves to theatrical performance, and create a beautiful community of thoughts, places, and experiences as a group. A troupe of four actors will perform the letters, with help from several “cameo” actors. The result is a whirlwind of feelings, and will be the type of experience where one is surprised by how many people are involved in Moab Community Theatre.

“This project has created a gauge of community trust,” said Chad Niehaus. “The folks who have participated so far feel comfortable sharing elements of their life stories, and based on chats I’ve had around town, lots of people are willing to listen. We’re excited about creating an approachable setting for this type of conversation.”

“I was interested in finding a production that would involve lots of people, like was done with the MCT performance of Plural Ives a couple of years ago,” says Emily Niehaus. “The original idea was to perform a series of monologues, but then I had the idea of doing letters instead. Going this route makes the whole thing Moab’s own. And being on the brink of becoming a new Mom, I really wanted to do one last MCT production!”

Moab Community Theatre will present The Letters Project on January 23rd, 24th, 30th, and 31st at 7 pm at Star Hall. Tickets will be available for sale in advance at a discounted rate. Come on out and join the conversation that has been started with this unique endeavor.

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