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Community Restaurant

Community Eats logoHungry for a Sustainable Investment? Moab Eats is an exciting and inspired alternative to typical restaurants. We're a non-profit organization dedicated to:

  1. Serving locally produced, organic meals to all.
  2. Educating our community about the sustainable benefits of local, organic food production and consumption.
  3. Implementing a "FairXchange" payment model that empowers individuals to trade time, labor, skills, goods or other items of value in exhange for meals.

We believe the Moab Eats restaurant and marketplace will lead to a thriving, sustainable, and profitable local-food economy in the Grand County region.

This winter, we're seeking creative solutions to open our doors, and we'd love to hear your ideas.

Sharing kitchen or restaurant space? Unique investment offers? Mutually-beneficial rental agreements?

Now's your opportunity to invest in Moab's sustainable future.

Please call with your great ideas.

Chris Conrad, Board Chair: (435) 260-8287    Julianne Fitzgerald, Treasurer: (435) 452-8177
Heila Ershadi, Executive Director: (435) 259-2484

Board Members:
Stewart Kent     Robert Marcus     Mona Pompili     Kaye Davis     Scott Braden

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