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WabiSabi wins big in City Weekly's "Best of Utah"

In the 2007 annual “Best of Utah” edition of the City Weekly, WabiSabi, a moab-based nonprofit organization, was awarded the “Best Reason to Drive to Moab.” The Salt Lake City independent newspaper chooses the people’s choice awards based on feedback from readers and staff members who vote for their favorite people, places and things in Utah.

“While recognized as a premiere destination for extreme hiking, biking, camping, and climbing, Moab is also home to one of Utah’s most progressive nonprofit organizations. Intended to become a “community life force,” WabiSabi offers residents tools to promote positive change through two thrift stores (Thriftique and the Warehouse), workshops (Alternative Building II, Xeriscapaing, Bike Repair) and special events including the annual spring fashion show. Held on Fat Tuesday, this year’s Mardi-Gras themed affair featured unique clothing lines fashioned out of recycled materials with proceeds benefiting WabiSabi’s outreach programs. Function and form? Now that’s something we can all get into.” (pg. 150; City Weekly, April 5, 2007)

For more information about Moab’s very own WabiSabi, visit

An Instant “Clean Sweep”
Tips for de-cluttering your home to make the biggest profit by Peter Walsh

De-clutter your your life!
Before you start - remember that your home is a reflection of yourself.
Ask yourself what kind of life you want to live and then look at the things you own.
Do your possessions, the items you’ve filled your home with, enhance that life or stand in the way of the life you want? If items don’t contribute to your life and well being, consider getting rid of them. Also, look around your home and identify the items that you have not used for 12 months or more. Ask yourself if you really still need to hold onto these things. Determine what items may have real value and could make some extra money for you. Are you holding on to any family antiques that just gather dust?

Why and when garage sales work best
Garage SaleThe age-old tradition of holding garage or yard sales is still practical for ridding your home of lower-priced items including books, CDs, gently used clothing and toys. The secret to a successful yard sale is to plan well, have an interesting mix of items and – perhaps most important – have reasonable expectations for the prices you are likely to get for your items. Remember that people are looking for bargains and don’t expect to spend a lot of money to find them, so a yard sale may not be the best place to sell grandma’s crystal. If you have large ticket items consider setting a reserve...if that price is not met, try selling them at by consignment at an on-line auction site.

Benefits of the eBay “Trading Assistant” or Consignment
eBay Trading Assistants are experienced eBay sellers who handle all aspects of selling on eBay for other people. Trading Assistants offer a simple, cost effective and immediate alternative to selling items yourself. Over 16,000 eBay Trading Assistants offer drop off locations in the United States alone. For a share of the sales price as their fee, Trading Assistants can take your inventory of goods and manage the entire process, including photography, description and payment collection. Household items that sell particularly well through eBay Trading Assistants include personal electronics, sports equipment, musical instruments, designer clothing and accessories and collectibles/memorabilia. These items have proven to consistently sell for higher prices on eBay, as it’s a worldwide marketplace that offers greater demand and exposure for goods.

Whatever doesn’t sell, consider donating to charity immediately
Whether you sell your items through a yard sale or an eBay Trading Assistant, or you choose to donate them, immediately take them to a local charity not let them back into the house!

Enjoy the proceeds

Decide before you sell your unused household items how you’d like to use the proceeds. Consider a family dinner or outing, replacing a much needed appliance, getting a massage or even donating the money to your favorite charity.

Where can I go in Moab? 145 W. 200 So.
WabiSabi Non-Profit Thrift Store is glad to take your donations 7 days a week. It’s Tax deductable and feels good!
We are also an EBAY Trading Assistant – let us help you sell your valuable items through Consignment on Ebay.
Call our our store for more Information 435-259-3313
and be sure to mention you read about WabiSabi in Moab Happenings.

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