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Moab Charter School

Moab Charter School

Moab Charter School has earned the nickname of the Phoenix School up at the Utah State Office of Education. MCS has risen from the ashes of its first year with a shiny new coat of plumage and a strong set of feet as a foundation. Moab Charter School is a public, tuition-free school dedicated to supporting and challenging each child to develop critical thinking, self-direction and their full academic and creative potential. Come see our new colors and exciting classrooms at 358 East 300 South in Moab. We always welcome visitors!

Individualized attention is the hallmark of the Moab Charter School. There are no more than 15 students per teacher. Classrooms and lessons are differentiated so that each student is able to pace themselves and progress through a curriculum tailored to their unique needs in all subjects. Both accelerated and remedial opportunities are available for all students as they develop their gifts and meet their challenges. Multi-grade classrooms allow students to interact with peers at various levels of maturity.

The essential academic skills of reading, writing and mathematics as outlined in the Utah Core Curriculum are taught by research-based instruction methods. Science, multicultural perspectives and the arts are integrated with the academic foundation through project-based learning. Students are introduced to new material through visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities, which stimulate learning on many levels, increase retention and allow each student to learn in their own style.

Moab Charter School Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year

Space is limited; enroll early. Moab Charter School is a free public school, which provides appropriate education to all the students that apply, as long as space is still available. Open enrollment for students new to MCS will begin May 1st, 2007. Applications will be taken until June 30th, at which time a lottery will be held to draw names for the available slots if the number of applications exceed the available slots. Apply early for kindergarten or other grades for school year 2007-08.

As a public school, Moab Charter provides special education and all related services as needed by our students. Moab Charter School also follows all state and federal education laws, including the administration and tracking of state mandated tests, fiscal audits and student reporting.

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