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St. Patrick's Day

by Charlotte Mates

“BE PREPARED” for Grand County’s 2007 7th Annual St. Patrick's Day Pathway Parade/Potluck/Park Party on Saturday, March 17 starting at 5:00 p.m. from Rotary Park down Millcreek pathway to Swanny Park for Family Picnic Potluck followed by Park Party with music and dancing by Community Band and local participating dancers at Irish Ball! – Contact Janie Tuft/Judy Carroll. Everyone welcome. Ends at 10:00 p.m. sharp.

Designated Grand Marshalls/Grand Mentors are past, present, future International Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts carrying flags from countries and names of your ancestors.Contact Kenna Williams Ries.

Official American flag presenter is Brennon Keogh, son of Tim and Alies Keogh. Leader of the Pledge of Allegiance is Brownie Scout Britney Keogh, daughter of Tim and Alies Keogh of Moab Troop 1412. Army Veteran of World War II and Korean War is Grandpa Jack Keogh provider American flag together with son, surveyor, businessman, entreprenuer, Tim Keogh, coordinator/bearer of American Flags. 2001 – “Top O’ Morn – Irish Coffee”. McGann Clan officially designated bearers of Irish flags. 2003 – “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”. Design Moab flag contest/coordinators are Carol and Dave Unruh. Note: Moab flag bearer will be winner(s) of contest.

Please drop off entries by March 10 at: Arches Book Company, Dave’s Corner Market, Eklecticafe, Moab’s Daily Grind, Red Rock Bakery, Wicked Brew.

Director of dance music – Donald Keogh, son of Tom and Anita Keogh, brother of Lauren, grandson of Jack and Mary and Brenda Stocks. Fashion setters – Women and Men of Moab; Boutique's, Earth Spirit, Lightfoot Emporium, Memory Lane, Nifty Fashions, Wabi Sabi...home creations. Animal control – Nick Williamson, son of Mark and Janie, brother of Nicole, Alex. Family potluck encouragers/directors – O’Kelly/Wright Families – 2002 Grand Marshalls – “Wearin’ O’Green”. Music/dance coordinators – Evelyn & Jim, Eric Jones & Karen Downey. 2005 Grand Marshalls –“What Grand Luck!” Honorary environmental coordinators – Damian & Luna Fagan, 2004 Grand Marshalls – “Blarney Stones”.Marketing, bean counter, event coordinator – Char Mates, daughter of Bob and Teresa Mates, sister of Betsy Marie, Daniel Thomas, Benjamin John, Martin Samuel, Andrew Joseph, mother of Matthew and Kelley Ann Kitterer, grandmother of Julia and Emily Kitterer, 259-3406. Organizer/Grand Marshall, 2000 “Irish Main Street – Eklecticafe to McStiffs” instigated by Bill Schultz and Janie Tuft - March 16, 2000 at the Moab Chamber of Commerce at Pasta Jay’s. Raffle collector/presenter – Alies Winkler Keogh and children, Whitney, Corey, Brennon, Britney – 259-5869. Shuttle coordination donated by Road Runner Shuttle – Jim and Leigh Ryan, Saina Carey, August Brooks. International coordinators – everyone responsible for yourself! Country flags welcome.
Supported by concerned community citizens. Enforced by Alcohol Beverage Control. Prosecuted by Drug Court. Prevention specialist Drug, Alcohol, Smoking coordinator, Mary Frothingham.

In event of extreme inclement weather – Potluck, raffle, music will possibly move into HMK school.
Please bring your community spirit, your family and friends, your own balloons, quilt, tablecloth, blanket, flags, potluck items and dancing shoes (or not).

Be prepared to enjoy Spring food, raffle, flags, balloons, wagon, bike, horse, skateboards, roller skates, fashion, bakeries, restaurants, ponytails.

All creativity & donations welcome.


Friday, March 16, 3-5 p.m.
WHAT: brownie tea, weiner roast, bicycle decorating, float assembly, other ideas as thought of.
WHO: community members and friends.
WHERE: Millcreek Pueblo Condo Meadow, 400 East 400 South.
SPONSORS: Millcreek Pueblo Volunteers, Neighborhood Watch, Boys & Girls Club, Grand County Mentoring. Eddie McStiff's Happy 16th Birthday
WHY: Community unity diversity.

Saturday, March 17
Fashion/hair/jewels/spirit/parade/floats/food/flags….etc. Visit local shops, designers, stylists.
5:00 p.m. Opening Flag Ceremony, Rotary Park – 700 East Millcreek Drive.
5:15 p.m. Parade: Parkway, Rotary – Swanny Park.
5:30 p.m. Potluck: Swanny Park.
6:00 p.m. Raffle.
6:30 p.m. Music & dance till 10:00 PM, Irish Jig, Polkas, Square Dance, Line Dance, Bunny Hop, Contra Dance.
8:00 p.m. Bean contest winners awarded.
8:30 P.M. Irish ball room dance begins.
9:00 PM – completed – clean-up.

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