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Moab Friends For Wheelin'

Moab’s newest 4WD club was formed in February 2005. The club’s sixteen charter members came together primarily to work on land use issues and to promote fun and responsible four-wheel drive recreation. A major reason for existing is to provide a common organization through which members can promote the pastime of 4-wheeling to the community and to other enthusiasts. Projects such as trail maintenance and restoration, community service, and effective communication with other 4-wheel drive organizations and government land-use agencies are additional objectives.

The club has been very active since their inception and has already taken a pro active role in the following activities;

Hell’s Revenge Jeep Trail- Moab Friends-For-Wheelin’ helped Sand Flats Recreation Team and the BLM in the construction of buck- and-rail fencing along the popular Hell’s Revenge trail. The fencing was placed to keep trail users from damaging fragile soils and vegetation in the vicinity of the “Escalator” and “Gates of Hell” obstacles. By installing and maintaining these fences, they hope to keep the privilege of enjoying these world-class obstacles for years to come.

Pritchett Canyon Jeep Trail - Pritchett Canyon trail is a beautiful route that has been popular for many years with motorized users, as well as mountain bikers, equestrians, and hikers. Its many difficult obstacles have made it one of the Moab area’s premier “extreme” 4x4 trails.

Club trips are usually scheduled through a local e-mail list, and are open anyone who would like to come. We try to get out at least a couple of times each month, and have run a wide variety of trails Some recent runs include scenic, relatively easy trails such as Hellroaring Canyon to more difficult trips such as Pritchett Canyon and Moab Rim. Many of our runs include a hike for those that want to stretch their legs a bit. In the future, we hope to expand our boundaries a bit to explore other great Southern Utah areas such as the San Rafael Swell, Hotel Rock, and Hole in the Rock.

Friends-For-Wheelin’ has initiated a volunteer program with the BLM to help maintain the trail for all user groups. We perform trail maintenance, signing, and restoration work. When traveling this (or any other) trail, please remember to stay on the trail and Tread Lightly!

Adopt-A-Highway - Moab Friends-For-Wheelin’ has adopted a two-mile long section of Highway 191, just north of Arches National Park. We hope our twice-yearly efforts to keep this beautiful stretch of road litter-free will help instill pride in the community and present a good impression to visitors.
Utah Off-Highway Vehicle Trail Patrol- Moab Friends-For-Wheelin’ sponsors a local chapter ofthe Utah Trail Patrol, a state-sponsored organization dedicated to the Safety, Service, and Education of motorized trail users. Ask us how you can become involved!

Recent club activities:
“Moab’s Alpine to Slickrock 50 Mile” ultra-marathon. Moab Friends-For­Wheelin’ was proud to participate in this 2nd annual event, which will benefit the local teen center.

The clubs most recent event was held October 29th as a fund raiser for the Humane Society. The club took interested 4 wheelers on a day trip to Gemini Bridges and other parts of the mesa top, including a return by Long Canyon. The fun part of this trip is that the participants were encouraged to bring their dogs.

Various trail maintenance and clean-up projects, as well as selected community events and benefits will be added to the clubs activities as they are identified. We are always looking for projects to support. Let us know if we can help with your event

Contact Information: Jeff Stevens 435-259-6119

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