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Moab Revival

Whether it's relaxation, therapeutic recovery, or you're searching for a perfect gift, Spa Moab is the place for you. Our team of massage therapists and estheticians combine a huge array of experience and education with a long list of offerings. Choices of treatments and services include many types of massage, facials, pedicures, and hydrating body treatments. Spa Moab also has a couples room, where you and your other half, mother & daughter, best friends alike can enjoy receiving massages together in the same room by two therapists.

Spa Moab is offering a few new services this year. The most popular new massage this spring has been the Desert Woman Massage & Desert Man Massage. This treatment honors the native elements of Moab. This service includes a full body massage, essential oil that are wildcrafted and distilled in Southern Utah, a back exfoliation using Utah Salts and a hot stone foot massage with locally collected stones.

Your choice of complimentary aromatherapy oils are included in each massage service. Choose between a Turquoise Sage blend which targets aches, pains and soft tissue damage or the Prickly Pear Pomegranate for its uplifting, refreshing and soothing qualities.

The facials at Spa Moab are customized for each individual and can treat sun damage, fine lines, acne, and more. The experienced estheticians love sharing first hand knowledge about treating skin in this harsh high desert environment. Spa Moab offers two product lines, both are very high quality, professional, and result driven. A neck, shoulder, scalp, and foot massage with warm booties are included in the facials.

We invite you to stop by, browse, and take a "menu" home. Visit us on-line at and check out the monthly packages and Father's Day specials.

At Spa Moab the goal is that you will walk out the door feeling relaxed and quietly energized having spent quality time at a soothing small-town spa.

June Specials:

The M.O.A.B
mother of all bodywork

This custom full body massage is enhanced with
a warm stone back massage and a hydrating
shea butter foot massage.
50 minutes $85 / 80 minutes $120
add deep tissue for $10

Sun Recovery Facial
Infuse your skin with ultra healing products to address dryness, sun damage,
pigmentation and help return your natural glow!
50 minutes $75

Coconut Milk Pedicure
Quench your feet with the hydrating and healing benefits of coconut.
This pedicure will leave your feet feeling nourished and incredibly smooth.
Your choice of non-toxic polish or none.
50 minutes $65

Dad's Day Package
Combination of our popular “It's Back” Massage
with a Tea Tree and Eucalyptus foot massage.
50 minutes $85 / 80 minutes $120

So, you want to be fit?
South Town Gym & Down Town Gym

You want to look and feel good in your own skin?... Sure, you could get a gym pass, but then what? Let us help you!! With Dual locations, and an educated informed staff we can help you get a pass, get a program, stick with it and start seeing some results! Our onsite Trainer can fit you with a training program and teach you how to use the equipment and do exercise that you’ll actually enjoy!!

Here at South Town/Down Town Gym we pride ourselves in being the best gym and fitness center in the area. We have what you’ve been looking for. With numerous State of the art Cardio Fitness Machines, and a talented staff to run our programs and classes. A large selection of Free Weights and Cybex Strength Training Machines, Private Women’s Section, Tanning Beds, Functional Training areas, Physio balls, Bosu balls, Plyometric, Stability and Agility equipment, Spinning Bikes, Mixed Martial Arts Facility, Dance Studio, Lockers, Showers, Dressing Rooms and Dual Locations, I’m absolutely positive we’ve got you covered!!

We are also offering some awesome new ways to get fit and stay fit. Getting you out of the rut of your boring, monotonous workout regime and helping you start seeing some REAL results with our variety of Programs for Adults and Kids this Summer!!

Lunch Crunch: An intense Spinning and Body Rock Class, better yet, on your lunch break!

Cardio Kickboxing:
Circuit training, strength and conditioning Kickboxing. High Intensity, high calorie burning, body transforming exercise that’s over before you know it.

Masala Bhangra: High energy folk dance of Bhangra integrated with Bollywood moves for a high calorie burning workout while having fun!

Muay Thai: An intense workout that combines cardiovascular exercise with learning new techniques, pad work and sparring. A great form of self-defense, while increasing strength and fitness.

Tai Chi: Involves slow, relaxed, graceful movements, each flowing into the next. The body is in constant motion, deep relaxed breathing and focused posture is important. Used for Health purposes and gaining high fitness levels.

Mixed Martial Arts: is a full-contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports. While gaining a rock hard body.

Big and Small Zumba: Adults are able to get this fun workout in with their youngsters (call for more details). Zumba is a fitness class that combines Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton, Mambo, Rumba, Flamenco, and a Hip Hop dance with fitness moves for a high energy, fun workout.

Kids Gymnastics, Kids MMA and Kids Agility Classes -Our Kids classes are all age-appropriate curriculums that are designed to facilitate ongoing skill development and maximum fun. Children progress at their own pace, developing their confidence as they develop their skills.

We would love for the community to come in and tour our facilities, meet the staff, and familiarize yourself with our programs. Our office is located at 1070 S. Highway 191 Moab, UT 84532. Office hours are Mon-Fri 9-6. We are on the web at: You can contact us at or 435-259-5775.


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