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Moonflower Market Offerings

Moonflower Community CoopThe bulk herb, tea, and spice department is a unique feature of the Moonflower Market.

Moonflower Market carries a wide variety of culinary spices, medicinal herbs and the most diverse selection of bulk fair traded teas in town. You will find product in the jars from Mountain Rose Herbs, Frontier Natural Products Coop, Two Hills Tea, and Hummingbird Herbals.

Bulk spices, herbs and teas at the Moonflower are non-irradiated and meticulously rotated for freshness by our bulk herb manager Jen. While most conventional stores sell spices prepackaged and often irradiated to preserve freshness, the Moonflower is committed to selling non-irradiated product. One of the reasons for this is that the Organic Consumers Association reports that “Irradiated fruits and vegetables benefit the packer and grocer, but not the farmer or consumer. The consumer receives an inferior product that appears fresh, but has depleted vitamins and enzymes.” Food products that are most often irradiated are spices, grains, potatoes, and tropical fruits. Irradiation is used to kill bacteria, control bugs, and delay sprouting and ripening. There are no long-term health studies on the effects of eating irradiated foods. There are not only dangers to the consumer, but also to the processors and handlers exposed to irradiation. Some studies suggest that over time bacteria are becoming irradiation resistant super bugs.

What are the reasons to purchase your herbs and spices in bulk? Our bulk department is self-serve. You get just want you want and no more. For example, how many of us have had the same jar of nutmeg in our kitchen cabinet since we first purchased it 25 years ago to make that first pumpkin pie? It doesn’t smell so aromatic and intoxicating anymore does it? It is time to dump that old nutmeg in the compost pile, wash that jar, and head on in for some fresh stuff. We also offer an even more affordable special order option. Quantity orders are available from all our distributors with an average turnaround time of 1-2 weeks. We also carry small glass spice jars to put your spices in. The bulk spice department has all the standard flavors that you might recognize and a few more unusual ones. We have products for your home canning needs. Our bulk tea department has more flavors of green and black tea than you’d probably recognize and a spectrum of medicinal herbal teas.

Bulk herbs and spices provide affordable quality. The companies we purchase from are conscientious businesses committed to quality product. They seek out superior herbs, teas and spices from growers that meet their demands for sustainable, and often organic, growing practices. They contract with worker cooperatives around the world, to help ensure that the farmers receive the best prices for their product. Frontier is a customer owned cooperative business that was the first major spice and herb company to actively support and promote organic alternatives to traditionally grown products.

inside Moonflower Community CoopMountain Rose Herbs, declares itself dedicated to organics, and will not carry products that have not been grown on either a certified organic farm, or grown without chemicals and tested to ensure no pesticide residues. Two Hills Teas believes in fair trade and makes a point to purchase not only from certified organic tea farms, but from growers that farm sustainably and maintain fair working environments for their laborers. Hummingbird Herbals is a small individual business out of Durango that utilizes many wildcrafted herbs in its products.

Bulk herbs provide affordable nutrition and healing. Many medicinal herbs can be effectively taken as brewed tea. This takes more time and commitment than taking a capsule, but it can be a more affordable and viable way to support your body’s needs in time of illness or disease. And mint is always a simple way to add a nice flavor to your medicinal tea blend.

Interested in diversity, quality, and affordability? We might have what you need in Moonflower Market’s self serve bulk herb, spice, and tea department. Come see us across from the post office at 39 E 100 N.

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