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Kira Schneider

Kira Schneider

Intuitive Counseling
• Energy Work • Past Lives
DARE to live passionately and
face-to-face with yourself!

Kira Schneider
50 East Center Street, #1
• Moab, Utah 84532

The sessions I’m offering contributes to a more fulfilled and balanced life, more authentic and happy.

Energy work is a profoundly relaxing experience, where you can connect with deeper levels of your being. The energy flow throughout your body is balanced, feelings of tightness released. You will feel refreshed and grounded afterwards. Sometimes that is just what one needs. Give your active mind and body a rest, while receiving a restoring treatment and exhale…

And sometimes counseling or guidance needed when faced with crisis, conflict or depression.

Intuitive Counseling includes the heart –body –mind connection. I find it very helpful and effective to integrate Energy Work in an Intuitive Counseling session. Understanding something intellectually is good; but if it stays in the mind it can only help so much. A real shift and release is possible when experienced and felt in the heart. That is essential.

Inquiry is a good tool to connect with our immediate feelings and sensations. What is happening and what wants your attention in this present moment? With a genuine attitude of unconditional kindness we listen to our heart, body and mind.

In a true meeting with what is there we can learn to make friends with our selves and life.
Past Life Regression is just another tool that can be used to access cell memory and see how a past life can influence our current life.

Past life or current life, we can free ourselves of the programming of the past and react spontaneously and fresh to all experience in life.

Kira has lived with her husband in Moab since 1996.

Before moving to Moab, Kira lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, South Africa and Hawaii.
Kira has met many teachers and has been trained and received degrees in the therapeutical work of Reiki, Cranio Sacral, Past Life Regression and Energy Balancing.

Kira’s main source of inspiration has been the work with Rhea Powers ( and still is with Gangaji (

Included with each session is two brief follow-up phone calls (within two weeks).

Kira offers a gentle yet profoundly healing touch. I experience a sense of renewal, inner peace and clarity from my sessions with her.
C. S. – Moab, Utah

My experience with Kira at first was very calming. Her gentle demeanor helped to relax and made me feel grounded. She has a beautiful soul.
Linda D. Peek

With a lovely environment of safety and trust, Kira Schneider utilizes her knowledge of body, mind and spirit in combination with her gifted intuitive counseling. My experience has been heart warming. Just what the doctor ordered.
C. D

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