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Bird Art at Gallery MoabDeborah McDermott


Bird lovers, come check out Kathy Grossman’s exquisite new scratchboard art featuring Southwestern birds on display at Gallery Moab. Kathy is currently our Guest Artist, and her work will be on display until mid-June, a perfect time to celebrate birds. Since their May meeting was cancelled, members of the Moab Bird Club are cordially invited to visit the gallery to see what Kathy Grossman has been up to during this period of isolation.

Scratchboard, as you may recall from your childhood, is a mysterious medium whereby dazzling white or colored lines scratched through a black surface suddenly appear. Kathy Grossman has taken the professional artist’s version of scratchboard, requiring considerable patience and planning, and developed her imagery to a high degree, concentrating on texture in addition shape or contour.

Gallery Moab is beginning to cautiously re-open on a limited basis after the COVID-19 shut-down. We are scheduled to be open Thursdays through Sundays from 3:00 to 7:00 P.M. Private showings may be arranged by calling the gallery at 435-355-0024.

Our new safety precautions include both staff and visitors wearing masks inside the gallery and using hand sanitizer available at the door. Colorful masks, handmade by gallery artists, may be purchased for a very much appreciated donation of $15. Purchases by credit card are preferred, but we won’t turn down your paper and coins.

We hope you will stop by to see Kathy’s intriguing images, as well as many other nature and bird-inspired works by Gallery Moab artists. Visit our website at for more information. Gallery Moab is now located at 59 S Main Street, #1. Also, we’re on Facebook and Instagram. Visit Gallery Moab Facebook page Visit Moab Gallery Instagram page

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