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Gallery HAPPENINGS December 2019

Holiday Shopping at Gallery Moab

Gallery Moab is bustling in December with much to see; a show of paintings and sculpture by Karen Fisher, paintings by featured member artist Page Holland, and new pottery by consignment artist Joanne S

avoie. And last but not least, just in time for holiday gift-giving, the gallery is presenting a “Miniature Art Show” and sale. All works are priced at $100 or less!

The gallery’s December guest artist, Karen Fisher, originally studied painting and printmaking at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the 1980s. Karen writes, “ I have only returned to visual arts in the past several years now. To me art is about improvisation, exploration, and discovery of things I continue to not know and can’t name. I delve into paint or clay with as little preconception as possible, and follow what emerges from that initial chaos. The more risk I allow, the stronger the work, as I have learned.

The desert canyons that I walk in inspire me, but not so much their outer appearance as the spirit that moves through them; the ancient presences that permeate them, the magic, the rock art, and the unseen energies. In the 21st century we are still connected with the Earth, the Sky, the archaic, as well as the modern aspects of our psyches. As such, making art, as has been suggested, is a shamanic practice; a movement between worlds, bringing the unseen into the seen. It is a remembrance or reemergence of our ancient future.”

Page Holland, a native of Southeastern Utah, is one of the founding members of Gallery Moab. She paints primarily in oil. Landscapes of the area are prominent themes. Page has done many portraits, both people and animals. Having always had good horses, she paints them with skill. She can spot correct conformation in a heartbeat. Page started

painting at age 12, but opportunities for art education in Moab were few. “My art education was basically self- directed, but I always wished for a mentor of some sort. I developed good technical skills but often felt that my work was off the mark. Once the kids were in college I pursued some workshops with top artists.

Currently, my focus is on water and water reflections. I’ve always been fascinated with the movement and abstractions of water, but only recently have I been able to capture what I see. Photos are only partially helpful. They rarely catch shapes at the right instant. On the other hand, painting water on site is challenging in the extreme. You have to get in rhythm with the movement and focus on recurring patterns for design. Once the design is set, I study the relationships of color as they ebb and flow... So much fun.”

A reception for the artists and a celebration of the season will be held on Saturday, December 14, from 5-8 pm. Gallery Moab is located at 87 North Main Street. Open Daily from 12-5 pm. And be sure to mention you read about it in Moab Happenings.

Work by gallery artists can been seen at and on Facebook or call 435-355-0024

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