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Gallery HAPPENINGS August 2019

Gallery Moab

For the month of August, Gallery Moab is exhibiting the photographs of Bruce Hucko, an independent photographer who has lived in SE Utah since 1979 and in Moab since 1999. His interest in photography started in high school. He dreamed of being a National Park Service Photographer and though he was not employed by the NPS, he contracted with them to produce slide shows for Arches NP and Organ Pipe Cactus NM. He also produced book and postcard images for them. At present, photographing popular places and “icons” is much less, if any, importance to him. “I now seek out and await photographs to find me that I refer to as “personally meaningful. These are images that connect to me on an emotional or other level. If you walk away from an image here feeling something, though you might not be able to put a word to it, then I’m happy.”

Besides his work for the National Park Service, Bruce Hucko has also created slide shows for SUWA, NMWA, and CFI. His photographs have been published by KC Publications, Canyonlands Natural History Association, The Sierra Press, and Blurb.Com Publications. He’s currently finalizing “Sacred Evidence – Ancient Homescapes of the American Southwest, “ a compilation of his favorite rock art, home sites, and landscape photos of the region. When Bruce isn’t taking photographs, publishing his work, and doing promotion for his photographic career, he is a well-respected, award-winning art educator at the HMK Elementary School in Moab, known fondly by his students as “Art Coach.” See the full extent of Bruce Hucko’s work on his website,

Gallery Moab also features the work of one of our members, Nancye Culbreath. Nancye moved from Colorado to Monticello where she and her husband are putting the finishing touches on their new home near the Abajo Mountains. Nancye writes, “why do I paint? To me it is a conversation without words. Landscape painting takes me to places I have been, or places I long to visit. My voice is behind the brush. My brush captures the color of the scene as it speaks and flows on the canvas. My inspiration to paint comes from my love of the outdoors and the paths I have traveled. I am in my element pushing the paint and seeing the image appear as I add layers of color.

Living in this vast canyon landscape of southeastern Utah offers the breathtaking vistas and the hidden treasure of small private places to explore. It all speaks to me without words. I want to capture the feeling and mood with my brush! I explore different mediums, and surfaces to paint on, not just oil paint. I never tire of the process. If I am able to invoke a feeling or make a connection with the viewer, I have achieved my purpose. I will never stop learning or creating.”

Gallery Moab will host a reception in honor of Bruce Hucko, Guest Artist, and Nancye Culbreath, our Featured Artist on Saturday, August 10, from 5-8 pm. Galley Moab is located at 87 N Main Street, and is open Daily from 12-9 pm.

Work by gallery artists can been seen at and on Facebook or call 435-355-0024


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