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Gallery HAPPENINGS April 2018

Gallery Moab - Greg MacDonald, Painter of “Whats”

Greg MacDonaldGreg MacDonald paints everyday over coffee, often at the Red Rock Bakery in Moab, Utah, mixing metaphors, life, story, a little humor and an animal or two. He paints watercolor in a distinct vocabulary evolving over 40 years. The paintings happen daily and are affectionately referred to as “whats.” For many years, the daily drawings/whats were pen and ink. Then the pen found a brush partner. Color was added and now it is mostly brush and watercolor.

Greg MacDonaldRecently, the drawings involve more paint and the paintings more drawing. “When facing the blank surface, I intentionally have no intentions. The aim is to discover the most. To do this, I steer to the spot suspended somewhere between knowing and not knowing. There, meaning layers upon meaning creating more. Much more.”

“In general, I believe that artists should not diminish their work by opening their mouths. However, I can say this: I wake up each morning excited to paint. I plan to have no plan. I lay down strokes not knowing where they are going but as if I do. I revel in the color, the space and the paint-paper-water interaction. The painting takes its form. Images occur. I welcome them and promote them.”

Greg MacDonaldThere is a wider art historical lens through which to view and appreciate Greg’s work. In 1920’s Europe, a group of artists sought to mine their subconcious thoughts to see what might be lurking there. Sigmund Freud’s work involving psychoanalysis became influential to artists and writers, and the surrealist movement was born. Its goal was to toss out oppressive rational thought and tap into the subconscious, believed to be the source of creativity.
More than a hundred years later in Moab, Utah, Greg MacDonald has certainly tapped into his creative subconscious. His work appears to be driven by humor and lightness of spirit, not angst, thankfully. We as viewers enjoy being able to see into Greg’s creative mind and appreciate his ability to gather and combine thoughts, memories, and perceptions into his unique visual art.

Greg is a happy five-year Moabitant and survivor of the Pacific NorthWest where he worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, and teacher. His recent work deepens the watercolors, adding context with photographs, colors, textures, and another animal or two. We at Gallery Moab are excited to showcase his work for the month of April.

Open daily from 12-9 pm, the gallery is located at 87 North Main Street. Join us in a reception for Greg on the first 2018 Art Walk, Saturday, April 14th from 5-8 pm.

See more of us at and on Facebook.

The Bighorn Gallery presents “Between Dream & Reality”
Dead Horse Point State Park
Being raised in the Dauphiné region of France enabled Patrick Paul René to develop a passion for hiking and exploring in the AlpsThe Lure of Time by Patrick Paul Rene. His interest in photography was piqued in 1982 when he accompanied his parents on vacation to the American Southwest. In a sense, Patrick never left. Over the next two decades he dreamed of capturing the desert grandeur of the Colorado Plateau, which he visited numerous times before moving to Moab in 2005.

As a progressive self-taught photographer, Patrick devoted several years to large format photography. He now explores all prospects of the digital era producing a palette of pseudo ‘paintings’ that brings an eclectic update to his traditional photography.

His conceptualization and mastering of new techniques has led Patrick to an enticing variety of photographic possibilities. Where we see a broken down vehicle, a deserted ranch, or even familiar Canyon Chasm by Patrick Paul Renelandscapes in Canyon Country, he sees captivating lines, textures, pensive moods, and the opportunity to develop tantalizing visual experiences.

Working with his emotions, he offers us his vision of the magnificence of light in the American southwest as it changes from day to day, season to season. While he continues to explore and expand his areas of research, Patrick often revisits his favorite territories to capture the varying moods of these vast and wild desert landscapes.

Dead Horse Point is located nine miles north of Moab on US 191 and 23 miles south on SR 313. The visitor center and Bighorn Gallery are open daily from 9am-5pm. Park admission is $15 per vehicle for three days. For more information, please contact the park at 435-259-2614.

Barnes Gallery in Museum of Moab hosts the Moab Pastel Guild
An Aspen in the Canyon by Mary CollarThis month will be the fantastic pastel art of the Moab Pastel Guild. Sometime around 2009 a congenial group of us took a series of lessons from master pastelist JC Borders. The class evolved into an informal weekly gathering where we painted together, shared techniques, offered mutual support, and critiqued each other’s work. We challenge each other to keep working at our art by entering shows. We have collectively won several awards and recognition. The founding members of the group were Helen Becker, JC Borders, Mary Collar, Victoria Fugit, Sarah Hamingson, Peggy Harty, Marsha Modine, Thea Nordling, and Larry Thomas.Chasing Wildflowers by Peggy Harty

The group is in flux, some have moved on and others have joined us. Our newest members are Margie Lopez Read, Charlotte Quigley, Sandi Snead, and Judie Chrobak-Cox. Gallery Moab displays the work of many of our Pastel Artists. Join us for the very first Art Walk of 2018 April 14, 5:00pm-8:00pm. More information at and on our Facebook Page!

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