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Gallery HAPPENINGS January 2018

It’s a New Year with New Classes at It’s Sew Moab LLC
by Deb Slechta

How many times do you stick with your New Year’s Resolution? Let It’s Sew Moab help be your guide to learning how to sew, quilt, embroider, or improve your stitching skills for 2018. The shop will be offering new sewing classes starting in January to assist you in sticking with your sewing/quilting resolution.

Gain confidence in sewing by following along on a monthly basis by using the popular book, #OOTD (Outfit of the Day). You will learn how to read a pattern, do simple altering, and make separates that you will be able to duplicate. Learn from the ground up how cottons differ from knits and how to adjust your sewing because of this. Learn why a needle isn’t just a needle!

The first class begins on January 11th by making a cute, warm, and very fashionable Infinity Scarf. The second class, on January 25th, will focus on an elastic-waisted Circle or Skaters Skirt. Make this short to pair with leggings or stitch a longer version. The third class is to teach how to make a versatile T-Shirt. Come into the shop to sign up. These are skill-builder classes and perfect to learn how to sew! Class time is 5:30pm - 7:30pm for all classes.

Not to ignore the quilters, a beginner quilt class will start on January 16. You will be piecing a unique quilt called, “Controlled Chaos.” This quilt will come in kit form to ease those searching for that perfect fabric. Otherwise, look on the website at for a class supply list. Class time is 5:30pm

To embrace the ‘slow’ movement of stitching, hand-embroidered, Hooped and Looped classes meets every Wednesday at 1:00pm to 4:00pm. All skill levels are welcomed.

Sometimes we learn better one-on-one, and private lessons are offered. Learning is best when you bring your own machine. Come in to see the new EverSewn Sparrows to start your resolution now. As always, keep the needle moving, Deb.

January at Gallery Moab
This month, Gallery Moab showcases the work of guest artist Kathy Grossman who calls Moab her home since 2011. A gallery reception for Kathy will be held January 13, 2018 from 5-8 pm. In this cold and dormant winter season, her work brings added color and life to walls of the gallery. In her own words, Kathy writes of her early influences and her recent exploration with new mediums.

“Born into a family of musicians, I was the only artist. My mother indulged me by keeping crayons, scrap paper, and picture books available. Then my observant third-grade teacher Miss Guthrie recognized a timid little girl who offered to prepare classroom bulletin boards from the huge rolls of paper and stacks of construction paper in the teacher’s workroom. Having always inspected paintings and drawings since I was quite young, I’m so lucky to have been encouraged all along the way. Support came early from my parents and grandparents, who were all musicians but sent me art supplies for my birthdays. Later came encouragement from friends and co-workers, trips to Paris, and now the welcoming Moab community.

My adult days of elementary school teaching and nights of country-western singing and songwriting were always accompanied by ongoing drawing and painting projects. Those projects usually celebrated lines: in cartooning, spot illustrations, and now, in scratchboard. Hard edges and bold contrasts have always appealed to me. I took a scratchboard class in Tucson from former Moabite Rick Wheeler and have been hooked on this medium ever since. Scratching away black ink to expose fine white lines is perfect for showing feathers, fur, scales, and wood grains. Since moving to Moab in 2011, I’m also learning to work in pastels, usually incorporating my cartoonist sensibilities of bold lines. I hope to continue to explore new media as I work in the large studio in my boyfriend’s home where I can work on up to six art projects at a time.

Maybe it’s that I’m turning 70 in January and tending toward the reflective. Maybe it’s that I’ve added scratchboard, pastel, and now embroidery to my lifelong media of pen-and-ink illustration and acrylics. I’m riding a wave of possibility. Whatever the circumstances, I find myself expanding my artistic impulses. To all who struggle with time for creativity, I say look for teachers and be bold. Find studio space where you find it, and that could be corner of a kitchen. Explore different media. Dabble and open yourself like a desert flower to the rain of opportunity. A friend once offered to compile my black-and-white sketches into a clip-art portfolio. Grab hold! Your personal artistic truth cannot be denied.”

Gallery Moab, a co-op gallery founded by a group of local artists in March of 2014, showcases the work of a diverse group of artists who live and work in southeast Utah, and who cooperatively own, operate, and staff the gallery. The gallery, open daily from 12-9 pm, is located at 87 North Main Street in Moab.

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