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Gallery Happenings May 2012

Leigh Metz - Living a Life of Passion & Joy
Photo of artist Leigh Metz
“I am happiest with clay in my hands creating a piece of art that will go out into the world and bring joy to those who see it.”
~ Leigh Metz

Leigh Metz has a love affair with clay. As she talks about clay, there is the glow of a woman in love. Leigh grew up in an artistic family and her father owned an art supply store (talk about an artist’s fantasy!). But it wasn’t until middle school that she discovered her true love. The first time she plunged her hands into clay, she was hooked, from that point on every free class was spent in the art room. After high school, Leigh took off to travel the country & live the nomadic life and clay was put on hold for awhile.

And then she settled down in Moab. In the early 90’s, Leigh took a ceramics class at the MARC (Moab Arts & Rec Center) with local ceramic artist & teacher, Joanne Savoie. Leigh’s passion for clay was rekindled and she began creating handmade tiles. As she progressed, she became Joanne’s assistant in teaching classes, and was able to put together her own home studio to work in. She discovered new techniques, explored texture and experimented with glazes. Leigh began to create handmade tile tables which she sold at craft fairs.

About 6 years ago, Leigh moved and had a much smaller studio space. Unable to create larger pieces, she started playing around with small tiles and her jewelry line was born. Leigh loves hand building and starts by rolling out the porcelain clay. Then she impresses a design on it. The designs can come from anything that fires Leigh’s imagination. There’s no limit to what she will try out to create texture - her children’s toys are frequently appropriated! The shapes are then cut with little cutters she makes from metal, like little homemade cookie cutters. The pieces are then fired, glazed and fired again. Her glazes run the gamut from delicate pastels to deep earthy tones and of course, no two are the same.

Always evolving, Leigh’s love of gardening resulted in a line of garden ornaments. She is currently exploring new lines of artistic expression, creating vessels inspired by womens’ bodies. She’s also rediscovered her love of tiles and is once again creating table tops, in addition to making custom tiles for clients.

Leigh Metz art 1 Pendant by Leigh Metz Various jewelry by Leigh Metz

Leigh’s bliss is creating and her joy is amplified when she shares her passion and brings joy to others.

Leigh’s greatest creation is in living a life of joy as a full time artist with her husband, two children & her garden in the beautiful red rock country of Moab. Leigh also shares her love of clay with local students, combining science & history studies with art projects.

Earrings by Leigh Metz

Leigh will be in the Moab Artwalk on May 12th at Savage Spirit! and her work is always available in Moab at Savage Spirit!
87 N Main, Moab
Storefront of Savage Spirit


Photographer Jon Fuller featured at the Bighorn Gallery
at Dead Horse Point State Park

Photo of photographer John FullerThe Bighorn Gallery at Dead Horse Point State Park will be exhibiting images by Moab photographer Jon Fuller. ‘Seasons on the Colorado Plateau’ is a collection of photographs on display May 1st through July 1st. A reception with the artist will be held on Friday, May 4th between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Jon Fuller is a nature and travel photographer specializing in landscapes, wildlife and travel photography. He has worked as a freelance stock photographer since 1983 and his first publication credit was a two-page spread in National Geographic Magazine. His work has been printed in hundreds of publications around the world, including Outdoor Photographer, Ranger Rick, Insight travel guides and the Singapore Times. Many of his images have been used in magazines, books, calendars, posters, cards and advertising. He has been represented by three stock photography agencies in London, Tokyo and New York.  Jon lived outside the United States for nine years on three different continents and continues to travel, photographing in more than 40 countries. He has been photographing the Colorado Plateau since 1975 and never tires of its beauty, both subtle and spectacular.

Sunset photo by John Fuller Rainbow photo by John Fuller

Jon and his wife, Paula, have lived in Moab for the past 20 years. He was a founding partner in the Moab Paper Company, producing fine art ink jet papers for artists and photographers.  He currently operates Moab Photo Tours, LLC and conducts private custom photography tours and photography workshops both in the Moab area, southeastern Utah and overseas. 
  During the exhibit, each image and prints are available for purchase. For more information about the artist, tours and workshops, visit or

Dead Horse Point State Park
is located nine miles north of Moab on US 191, and 23 miles south on SR 313. The visitor center is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Park admission is $10.
For more information, contact the park at 435-259-2614.
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