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Gallery Happenings April 2012

Colorful Clothing Created in Moab!

Formerly a fashion designer in Los Angeles, Cathya Savage-Haas began designing and producing her own line of clothing when she moved to Moab in 1996. She began selling her new clothing line “Desert Savage”, hand dyed & block printed cotton clothing, at art festivals throughout the Southwest - the first festival she participated in was the Moab Arts Festival! In 1998, Cathya and her husband, jewelry artist Jim Haas, opened Cave Dreamers, a gift shop in Moab. Here in addition to her clothing line, Cathya was able to experiment with a wide range of arts, including painting, silk painting and gourd art. However, Jim missed the excitement of art festivals and Cave Dreamers was closed in 2004. Looking for something new, after a year of experimentation, Cathya created Savage Spirit! silks, a line of silk clothing & scarves she designed, sewed & hand dyed. Designing truly wearable art, Cathya creates beautiful, colorful clothing that is flattering for all figures, comfortable, easy to wear & easy to care for.

For the past 7 years, Cathya has traveled around the country participating in art festivals. Wanting to spend more time in Moab & tired of the stress of travel, a couple of years ago, Cathya began to conceptualize a new store. Letting her imagination run wild, gradually the ideas began to coalesce. From there it was a matter of trusting the Universe to provide a great location. And then, returning from a run of 8 arts festivals in 9 weeks, there it was!!!! And in that inexplicable mystery of the Universe, the location where Cave Dreamers had been was available! Cathya had a deep attachment to that space. In 1999, Cathya and Jim put several months of hard physical labor into transforming the space from an office building into a retail space. And although Cathya’s plan was to look for a space this past winter, she jumped at the opportunity and everything fell into place. Last year, there was an overlap of opening the store and still doing art festivals. At the same time it was a great opportunity to find other artisans and craftspeople for the store.

This year Cathya has been able to devote her passion and time into developing Savage Spirit! the store. Along with her Savage Spirit! silk clothing and scarves, Cathya has been playing with new dye techniques and creating an updated line of Desert Savage cotton clothing inspired by the glorious colors of nature. And although wearable art is Cathya’s first love, the opportunity to learn and dabble in other creative endeavors feeds her soul. She has enough ideas to keep her busy for the next 5 years!

Drop by and watch her visions evolve, as Cathya continues to explore and develop her own creative endeavors as well as discover new, exciting artisans! Savage Spirit! 87 N Main (next to Back of Beyond Books) 259-2ART (2278)

Cathya Savage-Haas is known for original wearable art. Cathya’s newest line is Savage Silks, silk clothing she designs, sews and then hand dyes here in Moab. Her beautiful, colorful hand dyed clothing is flattering for all figures, comfortable & easy to wear!

The Bighorn Gallery
at Dead Horse Point State Park

The Big Horn Gallery at Dead Horse Point State Park will be showing original artwork by Moab artist Jacci Weller. “A Golden Year, Four Seasons of Canyon Country Color” is a collection of paintings on exhibit from March 3rd through April 27th.

“It’s a jungle back there flat"
by Jacci Weller

Jacci Weller’s paintings are inspired by her observations of the “colors and shapes of the rocks, the vibrancy of the light, the wildly diverse flora, and the amazing expanse of earth and sky.” Her paintings offer an intimate, brilliant portrayal of her desert surroundings.

Jacci has a BA from UCLA in fine art, drawing and painting, and an MA from California State University in fine art, sculpture. She worked as a public muralist in Los Angeles, taught design and drawing at Lane Community College in Oregon and conducted fiber workshops at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Jacci continued to do sculpture work for several years, then became a full time business person, moving to Moab 18 years ago. She returned to her art five years ago and has incorporated her love of desert hiking into her creative works that represent her “absolute delight” in the natural world. Many of Jacci’s paintings are in private collections throughout the western states.

“Pothole” by Jacci Weller

During the art exhibit at Dead Horse Point State Park, each painting is available for purchase. For more information about the artist, visit

Dead Horse Point State Park is located nine miles north of Moab on US 191, and 23 miles south on SR 313. The visitor center is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6

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