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Serena Supplee: at Dead Horse Point State Park

Visual Feast Gallery:
The New Kid on the Block

Poetic Twists and Turns by Serna Supplee

Visual Feast Gallery is the new kid on the block, err back alley, soon to be Art Alley nestled behind The Center Street Square, facing also soon to be Visual Feast Studio where creation and inspiration will always be on the menu.



Visual Feast

The Bighorn Gallery at Dead Horse Point State Park will be showing original artwork by Moab artist Serena Supplee. "Poetic Twists and Turns" is a collection of 40 watercolors, oil paintings and woodcut block prints, on exhibit from May 5th through June 28th. The landscapes of the Colorado Plateau and its heartbeat take form through Serena's passionate palette. You will experience the magnificence of canyons, the magic of moonlight, the undulating power of rivers, the grandeur of cottonwood trees, and the mysterious symbols of the ancient ones.

Originally from Iowa, Serena moved to Arizona and earned her BFA at Northern Arizona University in 1981. After graduating, Serena moved to Moab, spending eight years as a guide on the Colorado, Green and San Juan Rivers. Her watercolors and oils portray the height, might, and majesty of the canyons and the mood of the river from quiet eddies to rambunctious rapids. Serena also constructs sandstone-inspired sculptures and paints geometric landscapes that are woven into rugs by Navajo weavers.

During the art exhibit at Dead Horse Point State Park, each painting is available for purchase, as are Serena's prints, note cards and her book. Serena's 2012 calendar will be available in June. For more information about the artist, visit

Dead Horse Point State Park is located nine miles north of Moab on US 191, and 23 miles south on SR 313. The visitor center is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from March 15 to mid-October. Park admission is $10. Contact the park at 435-259-2614.

Chris Haven Self Portrait / Photo

The month of May features Christopher "Haven" Tsutsui. Chris was born and educated in Denver, Colorado where he currently resides. He was interested in art since childhood and has created many projects in different medias. As a young man he became interested in graffiti art which became an outlet for his expressions. He now combines his passion for street art with his love of contemporary art to produce a style of his own representing inspiration, struggle, and hope. Some of his commissioned works include painting a snowboard obstacle wall at Breckenridge Resort, creating a 40x10 mural as a featured artist for the Coors Light Urban Chill Festival, painting murals and logos for local businesses, and designing skateboard and clothing graphics. Currently he is inspiring to further his career as an independent artist.

Chris will be whipping up a 3 day weekend starting Friday June 10th with "Graffiti and the Kids"; a very lucky group of kids will have the privilege of kickin' it with the artist while helping in tagging "creating murals" to help beautify the community. On Saturday the 11th, he dishes it in Art Alley spraying up some masterpieces on canvas to munchies and music Art Walk styli and Sunday the 12th ties up the weekend with a workshop on the fine art of Graffiti! 5% of proceeds from entire weekend go to help little Dakoda Merett!!

For more information go to or stop by Visual Feast Gallery at 88 east center street.



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