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Cat's Lair CollectionEnjoy the Refreshing Experience of Original Art

We feature local, regional, and international artists. You will find here sculptures, beautiful pottery, glass, wood and metal works, most unique photographs and thought- provoking paintings, azurite crystal roses, hand spun wool & silk, light & color.

Moab is a small town located in the red rock desert of southwestern Utah. It is world - famous for its spectacular natural beauty and is one of the greatest places for hiking, biking, river trips and jeeping adventures. Nevertheless, in this beautiful surrounding there are many talented and devoted artists who live and work here, quietly interpreting the natural beauty around them into stunning works of contemporary art.

So, we are searching for the hidden and known talents in our region and beyond, so you, our visitors, will enjoy the refreshing experience of original art.

Mike CoronellaThis month we would like to invite all of you to come in and participate in our 1 week only fundraising event for Mike Coronella, which will start on a day of Art Walk and continue until end of that week (November 14 - November 20). We are doing this fundraising in our gallery not just because we want to help our friend and a wonderful photographer but because he is also an active and important part of our community. Now he is in a difficult time because of his unexpected heart attack. We are gladly providing a place to sell his work. All of the proceeds from the sales of his work will go toward his huge medical bills.

He has helped many during his active years in Search and Rescue and now we have a chance to help him a little in his struggle.

Mike Coronella moved to Utah from the Northeast in 1990 for a winter of skiing; the end of the season turned his eyes and camera lenses toward the southern deserts. The rest they say, is history--he never left Utah.

A photography major in college, Mike’s passion for photography brought him first to Salt Lake Community College, where Mike was both manager of the photo facilities and labs, and a teacher. His photos have been the included in magazines and solo gallery exhibits; he hasn’t limited himself to any single format; from carrying large format equipment into the deepest recesses of the desert to shooting hundreds of rolls of black and white infrared, Mike’s images invoke the emotions that have left an impression on him--the grandeur and serenity, the peace of these amazing open spaces.

Mike’s photography attempts to convey the wonder he has for the unique places that make up this vast and wonderful world, with the hope that people will appreciate our wild public lands for a value that cannot possibly be set with a dollar sign, and to inspire them to get out and see these wondrous places for themselves--and work toward protecting the remaining untrammeled parcels of our national portfolio.

His passion for the desert had Mike walking from Arches NP to Zion NP--not just once, but three separate times and led to the creation of The Hayduke Trail, an 850-mile desert wilderness backpacking route that’s been enjoyed by a mere handful of hardy backcountry travelers.

Mike has also taken his outdoor skills and utilized them to help those in need; he’s been a member of Grand County Search and Rescue since moving to Moab in 2004; unfortunately, he’s now in need himself due to a surprise heart attack while hiking out of Horseshoe Canyon in the Maze district of Canyonlands which in turn has led to an unexpected and unplanned triple bypass operation that’s left his family struggling to pay for the newly acquired mountain of medical bills.

As long as you are here in the gallery, check out the new and unique jewelry by Olga Martinova. Olga works at her jeweler’s bench and greets her customers, who appreciates the opportunity to meet the artist and watch her work. She makes many custom beaded earrings and necklaces upon request; you can watch her make your piece while you wait. She also spins wool and silk. Often you can see her spinning when you walk into the gallery. She will often give demonstrations to customers who has never seen this ancient art practiced in real life.

If you’re passing through Moab, we’d like to invite you to take a few moments to stop in and enjoy the refreshing experience of original art!....

We are located in the Eddie McStiff’s Plaza, “when you see the big yellow cat above its rocky lair, you know you’re in the right place!”

Cat's Lair Collection
59 South Main St.
Moab, UT 84532
(435) 259-2458

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