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Enjoy the Refreshing Experience of Original Art

We feature local, regional, and international artists. You will find here sculptures, beautiful pottery, glass, wood and metal works, most unique photographs and thought- provoking paintings, azurite crystal roses, hand spun wool & silk, light & color.

Cat's Lair CollectionMoab is a small town located in the red rock desert of southwestern Utah. It is world - famous for its spectacular natural beauty and is one of the greatest places for hiking, biking, river trips and jeeping adventures. Nevertheless, in this beautiful surrounding there are many talented and devoted artists who live and work here, quietly interpreting the natural beauty around them into stunning works of contemporary art.

So, we are searching for the hidden and known talents in our region and beyond, so you, our visitors, will enjoy the refreshing experience of original art.

This month we would like to talk about 3 artists whom we are delighted to represent in our gallery.

Vicki Acoba
Vicki Acoba artworkNothing can be said better then what the Artist said herself. “I create ceramic teapots from porcelain. I throw and pull a series so shapes on the potter’s wheel. At the appropriate time, I trim the thrown objects, wrap them individually in plastic to retain the moisture. In my studio, I select and work on one thrown object at a time. I sit and look at the shape, add the appropriate spout and than decide on the surface decoration. I use a variety of methods to change the surface. I carve directly on the body of the teapot, or I apply bits and pieces of clay that I have textured or pieces of found objects that have texture to their surfaces. I might apply coils to the surface. I change the surface in order to get changes in the glazes that I use. The surface distortions cause the glazes to break differently, reflect light in unusual manners or cause running patterns. In some instances, I leave the surfaces untouched and let the glazes create a beautiful teapot by themselves. Sometimes I layer the glazes to create unique patterns. The handles and lids are as varied as the thrown bodies of the teapots. I never reproduce an exact duplicate of any teapot. This also means I don’t make sets of anything. I don’t have that discipline in me.

I love what I do. I do it to please me. And I have found that there are people outside of my circle who also like what I do. It pleasured me to see smiles on faces as they approach my display. They may not buy a teapot, but they have smiled and to me, that’s what it is all about.”

Kristine Groll

Kristine Groll paintingKristine was raised in Cache Valley, Utah. After some art education and exploration of different media for years, she give herself to watercolors. She developed her own impressionistic style.

She said: “When I paint I aim for the essence of design and not for photographic report. It take courage to not paint things as they actually are. Since childhood we all been taught to draw things as they appear. So, it was difficult to make the transition from drawing to painting the essence of something… your own unique interpretation of the subject. I love watercolors!” She has won awards in different shows and presented her works at exhibitions of the Utah Watercolor Society.

Edwin Hymas and Diana Lea
Edwin Hymas & Diana Lea potteryAs a trained observer and teacher Edwin Hymas feels that creating is what we are here for, and just can’t stop. Whether it is wood, clay, plaster or metal these ideas keep taking form.

Born up north in Tremonton, Utah, in 1948, Ed has been working in clay since 1972, and was a two dimensional artist before that for several years. His work is known throughout Utah and the Western U.S. He resides in North Ogden with his artist wife Diana Lea.

Diana began her pottery career in 1977 in Boulder, Colorado. As her work evolved from stoneware to majolica she moved to Park City Utah where she met Ed in 1994. Together they produce some of the highest quality intricately carved stoneware pottery.

As long as you are here in the gallery, check out the new and unique jewelry by Olga Martinova. Olga works at her jeweler’s bench and greets her customers, who appreciate the opportunity to meet the artist and watch her work. She makes many custom jewelry upon request; you can watch her make your piece while you wait.

She also spins wool and silk. Often you can see her spinning when you walk into the gallery. She will often give demonstrations to customers who have never seen this ancient art practiced in real life.

If you’re passing through Moab, we’d like to invite you to take a few moments to stop in and enjoy the refreshing experience of original art…

We are located in the Eddie McStiff’s Plaza, “when you see the big yellow cat above its rocky lair, you know you’re in the right place!”

Cat's Lair Collection
59 South Main St.
Moab, UT 84532
(435) 259-2458

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