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Tom Till Gallery

Tom Till portraitMoab photographer Tom Till is maintaining a busy schedule in 2009. Last year, his traveling exhibit of some of world’s most stunning natural and historic landmarks began its world tour in Geneva, Switzerland. Sponsored by the U.S. State Department, UNESCO and UPS, the exhibit has gone on to Asia with stops in the Philippines and Russia. Tom will meet up with the exhibit again in Vladivostok, and then travel on to the amazing Kamchatka Peninsula to shoot the world’s largest concentration of active volcanoes. From there the show will return to Europe for a stay in Oslo, Norway.

Tom Till book: Success with LandscapeThe Tom Till Gallery has also welcomed three new books to the store this year, including Tom’s instructional book “Success with Landscape Photography.” Originally published in England, the Gallery has had difficulty keeping the book in stock and it has proven to be very popular with photographers of all stripes and the general public. Also new this year is the oversize paperback “Canyonlands. Wilderness of Rock.” and a beautiful book on the East Coast, “New Jersey Impressions.”

In between his trips for the World Heritage Site Tour, Till has also been putting the finishing touches on another collaboration with daughter Mikenna, tentatively titled “Canyons of Utah.” The Tom Till Be-Proactivebook will appear later this year or early in 2010.

At the Tom Till Gallery, a sale continues on in-stock prints, and can you purchase a copy of Tom’s Crater Lake poster recently seen in his favorite comedy “The Office.”

After years of selling Tom’s images on the world’s finest print material, Ilfochrome, the Gallery has shifted to other papers that very closely match this photographic paper. Unfortunately, Ilfochrome is no longer available. The Tom Till Gallery still has a few of these Ilfochrome prints in stock including the last 32x40 Ilfochrome image of Green River Overlook, one of Tom’s signature pieces. When these Ilfochromes are gone there will be no more, so stop in the Tom Till Gallery and grab a piece of history.

Tom Till Colorado, Green River Confluence

Cat’s Lair Collection

We feature local, regional, and international artists. You will find here sculptures, beautiful pottery, glass, wood and metal works, most unique photographs and thought- provoking paintings, azurite crystal roses, hand spun wool & silk, light & color.

Moab is a small town located in the red rock desert of southwestern Utah. It is world - famous for its spectacular natural beauty and is one of the greatest places for hiking, biking, river trips and jeeping adventures. Nevertheless, in this beautiful surrounding there are many talented and devoted artists who live and work here, quietly interpreting the natural beauty around them into stunning works of contemporary art.

So, we are searching for the hidden and known talents in our region and beyond, so you, our visitors, will enjoy the refreshing experience of original art.

This month we would like to talk about 2 artists whom we are delighted to represent in our gallery.

Doug Malstrom
Doug Malstrom - King LeerDoug Malstrom was educated in Academy Of Art In San Francisco and studied Commercial Art in Salt Lake City. He worked as a Commercial Artist as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer in Utah and after 12 years, he switched his artistic endeavors to Painting, Mixed Media, Painted ceramics, woodworking, and sculpting.

“Art is a direct link between ourselves and our existence. The creativity of art in all its forms fulfills a wide spectrum of purpose and is an important element in our lives. It also defines us as a civilization. It is a measurement of sensitivity to our world. Our creative dreams shape our future and makes a statement about our society. I create art to convey a feeling, mood and/or a message and hopefully create an enjoyable environment. Do we need art? Why do we need art? Would we be better off without it? Does it matter? It doesn’t house us or clothe us or feed us. It makes our homes a better place to be. It makes us look better when we wear it. It feeds us spiritually and mentally. It reminds the soul, shocks the senses, soothes and nurtures the spirit. It stirs the mind, entertains and dazzles the eye. It pricks our imagination, strengthens our position, blocks the mundane and keeps us company. It is truly the “unnecessary necessity”.”

“Eclectic Neo- Primitive” -various doctrines, methods and styles in a new and different form or manner closely approximating an early ancestral work marked by directness and naiveté. I like to evoke an organic feeling, mystical and real, symbolic and interpretive, recognizable but not necessarily obvious. Like a lost secret we have always known. Summoning up elements from a past subconscious to a new realization. A playfully reverent truth. It is my hope that the viewer sees this in my work and it speaks to them as well.”

John Aldrich
John Aldrich - The WaveOver the years he has used many of the tools available to photographers: from 35 mm to large format; from colour to black and white; from light table to darkroom.

The versatility with which digital technology has allowed previously complex steps to be accomplished with relative ease has lead to his transition to this modern way of creating images and prints. Although many of his images were originally created on film all current output is done using the latest archival inkjet technology.

A resident of Utah for nearly 40 years he has been enamored with the landscape of the desert Southwest. Although most of his images come from this genre he does not feel limited by any particular subject or style. You will find close-ups and grand landscapes, panoramas and miniatures, flowers and rocks, urban scenery and wilderness, black & white and colour. He expresses his feelings about what he is doing in this statement; “ I would simply like to say that I enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with others. My goal for an image is that it convey to the viewer some sense of the feeling that leads me to create it in the first place.” His work is a sincere representation of what he saw and experienced.

While you are in the gallery, be sure to check out the new and unique jewelry by Olga Martinova. Olga works at her jeweler’s bench and greets her customers, who appreciates the opportunity to meet the artist and watch her work. She makes many custom jewelry upon request; you can watch her make your piece while you wait.

She also spins wool and silk. Often you can see her spinning when you walk into the gallery. She will often give demonstrations to customers who has never seen this ancient art practiced in real life.

If you’re passing through Moab, we’d like to invite you to take a few moments to stop in and enjoy the refreshing experience of original art!

We are located in the Eddie McStiff’s Plaza, “when you see the big yellow cat above its rocky lair, you know you’re in the right place!”

Cat’s Lair Collection
59 South Main St.
Moab, UT 84532
(435) 259-2458

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