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Cat's Lair Collection Focuses on 3 Extraordinary Women Artists

Cat’s Lair Collection is a Contemporary Art Gallery in Moab, UTAH.

We feature local, regional, and international artists. You will find here sculptures, beautiful pottery, glass, wood and metal works, most unique photographs and thought- provoking paintings, azurite crystal roses, hand spun wool & silk, light & colour.

Moab is a small town located in the red rock desert of southwestern Utah. It is world - famous for its spectacular natural beauty and is one of the greatest places for hiking, biking, river trips and jeeping adventures. Nevertheless, in this beautiful surrounding there are many talented and devoted artists who live and work here, quietly interpreting the natural beauty around them into stunning works of contemporary art.

Suzanne Storer - OverhangSo, we are searching for the hidden and known talents in our region and beyond, so you, our visitors, will enjoy the refreshing experience of original art.

This month we would like to talk about three artists - Suzanne Storer, Terry Jo Freibert and Kristine Groll.

Suzanne Storer
Suzanne’s ceramic art centers around life itself. Animals, birds, water life and the human form inspire her pottery and sculpture. Her southwestern style bowls and platters evolve from the spirited imagery painted and pecked into the rock walls and boulders in the desert canyons of southern Utah. Her sculpture focuses on the relationship between the female human form and rock land forms inspired by the desert canyons of Southern Utah.

Terry Jo Freibert
Terry Jo FreibertOriginally from Louisville, Ky. and currently residing in a small, farming community of Temperance, Michigan, Terry Jo Freibert has visited Moab for the last ten years. Terry received her degree in ART and teaching certification at the University of Toledo and is currently pursuing her masters. She taught drawing, painting and other art classes in a Michigan high school for years. Since a very young child, Terry Jo has known what she wanted to be, an artist. A force within her that needs to be expelled-whether on a canvas, or graphite on paper, or molded or poured, or woven, she has always created. Some art is created from the subconscious, some even from a sleep deprived state. Other pieces of art are prompted by an exalted state of being in focusing on the beauty of nature.”What better place to be for an artist than Moab, with its red of the canyons and the abrupt eruptions of these massive, irregular forms from the canyon floors? It is truly a painters/sculptor’s paradise.”

Kristine Groll
Kristine GrollKristine raised in Cache Valley, Utah. After some art education and exploration of different media for years, she gave herself to watercolors. She developed her own impressionistic style.

She said: “When I paint I aim for the essence of design and not for photographic report.” She's won awards in different shows and presents her work in shows of the Utah Watercolor Society.

As long as you are here in the gallery, check out the new and unique jewelry by Olga Martinova. Olga works at her jeweler’s bench and greets her customers, who appreciate the opportunity to meet the artist and watch her work. She makes many custom beaded earrings and necklaces upon request; you can watch her make your piece while you wait.

Of course we have something special for people who love to play and create with fibers - hand-spun wool and silk! We also have a nice selection of stone beads for all the people who like to express their creativity in jewelry making. If you’re passing through Moab, we’d like to invite you to take a few minutes to stop in and enjoy the refreshing experience of original art! In Eddie McStiff’s Plaza, where you see the big yellow cat above its rocky lair, you know you’re in the right place!

Cat’s Lair Collection
59 South Main St.
Moab, UT 84532
(435) 259-2458


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