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In Gear, We Trust: Gearheads Outdoor
Store Located Inside the Radcliffe Hotel Building
By Sharon Sullivan

Gearheads Outdoor Store at 471 S. Main St. in Moab, is stocked to carry everything you need to enjoy the Great Outdoors. And, the shop offers free, filtered water for anyone who stops in.

Gearheads is owned by a trio of brothers – Doug, Greg, and Steve Kennedy. Doug and Greg opened the shop in 1998, with Steve joining the company in 2009. Gearheads celebrated its 25th anniversary March 13.

“We’re known for our huge inventory of climbing gear – and anything and everything you could possibly need outside,” including hiking, camping, biking and rafting gear, Steve Kennedy said.

Gearheads Outdoor Store is known for its supply of axes and knives, including a line of high-end, hand-forged axes made in Sweden – a brand called Gransfors Bruks.

“We have various axes for different uses, ranging from chopping down a tree, to a small backpacking basic utility axe,” Kennedy said.

The shop also carries Benchmade Knives, which are crafted in Oregon.

“They are a work of art – all the handles are made from American hickory wood,” Kennedy said.

At Gearheads you’ll find Yeti-brand coolers and drinkware, and all the camping gear you would need, including tents, sleeping bags, pads, stoves and various camp kitchen equipment.

Plus, in addition to footwear, there’s a “ton of clothing, 99% of which is performance, technical clothing,” Kennedy added.
The shop rents out two items: bear canisters to protect your food (and yourself!), and ice cleats for winter hiking.

The shop originally opened in the former Desert Plaza strip mall with 1,000 square feet of retail space. As other tenants moved out, the owners added more space to increase their offerings. Eventually the property owner’s son bought and tore down the plaza to build the Radcliffe “adventure boutique” hotel. Gearheads moved to a temporary location for two years while the hotel was under construction before moving back to the site into a brand-new and expanded shop of 5,000 square feet in 2021.

Gearheads is located within the Radcliffe hotel building, with three entrances into the shop: one at the corner of Main St. and Uranium Ave; an entrance facing the parking lot on Uranium Ave, and an entrance accessed from the lobby of the hotel.
When the shop first opened the two brothers had a slogan: “Gearheads – we search the planet for cool gear.” They now like to say, “In gear, we trust,” Kennedy said.

“We’ll go out of our way to help people get what the need to go out and have fun in the desert,” he said.
Summer hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week. During the winter the shop is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“We follow the sun,” Kennedy said.
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