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Enjoy a glass – or bottle – of wine at Spanish Valley Vineyards and Winery
By Sharon Sullivan

As the only eyecare practice in town, Moab Eyecare optometrists Dr. Matt Watson and Dr. Ryan Hayes offer a wide range of care and treatment.

“We’re primary care eye doctors,” said Watson.

Services include comprehensive eye exams, contact lenses, treatment for glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration, relief from computer vision, hyperopia, diabetic eye care, and dry eye treatment. Their team also includes ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Dr. Ken Lord, who visits the clinic at least once a month, to treat specific eye diseases.

“One of our claims to fame are the contact lenses we carry – (wearing contact lenses can be challenging in the dusty desert),” Watson said. “We believe in and love contact lenses.”

Moab Eyecare carries a huge collection of lenses so that patients can find the right fit and comfort level.
“We have a lot of choices. In fact, there are very few lenses we don’t offer,” Watson said. “We have a small warehouse filled with contact lens offerings. Some people just want a pretty eye color.”

Moab Eyecare also sells glasses and frames of all kinds – for reading, distance, night driving, computer glasses, and transition lenses that darken faster and become lighter quicker.

“We are trying to offer as many customized handmade frames that are more durable, so last longer,” Watson said. “People who live in Moab are active, and can be rough on frames.”

One modern-day ailment Moab Eyecare treats is “computer vision.” Research and evidence show that blue light on the visible light spectrum can cause eyestrain, fatigue, prevent REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and otherwise interrupt people’s sleep cycle. Computer vision can be treated by filtering out the blue light by treating lenses worn while working at the computer, said Watson. Those who don’t wear glasses for computer work can be fitted with special lenses treated to disrupt the blue wavelength, he said.

Moab Eyecare can also treat dry eye syndrome.

“People, when they look at the computer, blink one-fifth as often, or 20% of normal – causing eyes to dry out, he said.
Moab Eyecare help patients manage diseases like glaucoma by prescribing medicated eye drops to lower ocular pressure. If a patient’s eye pressure remains elevated, Dr. Lord can perform laser eye surgery to help lower the pressure.

The practice also uses special imaging technology that precludes the need for using drops to dilate pupils – a procedure used before checking eye pressures.

“Our patients appreciate not leaving our office with blurry eyes,” Watson said.

Watson’s business partner, Dr. Hayes, comes from a family with a history of eye diseases, and has been diagnosed himself with many eye conditions, which gives him “a unique empathy for patients,” said Watson.

Moab Eyecare also carves out time each day for emergency walk-ins.
The practice is located south of town, at 3031 S. Hwy 191.

Moab Eyecare can be reached at 435-259-9441. For more information visit:

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