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Business Happenings - July 2005

Canyonlands By Night...
and Day

Canyonlands By Night and Day
two miles North on Hwy 191,
on the north side of the Colorado River Bridge. 435-259-5261

Canyonlands By Night and Day is honored to show guests the beautiful red rock country surrounding Moab.

Canyonlands By Night has run tours for over forty years and prides itself in family values and treats everyone who walks in the door like family and gives them the best tour possible. Canyonlands By Night has been offering its “Sound and Light Show” since 1965 when Weldon Winn developed the idea of using the light and shadows of the red rock canyons to tell a narrated story about the formation, creation and history of the Moab area to people sitting on a boat. Since that time, Canyonlands By Night has grown from a small business to a prominent company that offers over 20 tours of the Moab area. Canyonlands By Night also partners with other companies to offer visitors one-stop shopping on a variety of tour combinations. The “Sound and Light Show” has since become a nationally renowned show and the only way to describe it, is to experience it. However many people have used adjectives such as, “beautiful,” “great,” “spectacular,” “fantastic,” “fabulous,” “wonderful,” and “the highlight of our vacation.”

Canyonlands By Night has seen numerous customers in its 40 years and often sees repeat customers on a yearly basis; some have been coming for twenty years. The perfect example is 82-year-old Heidi C. Beck of Oakland, California, “I love the Moab area and come back to Canyonlands By Night every year because they treat me like family. Their trips are informative and the scenery is beautiful.”

A feature that Canyonlands By Night offers to its guests is its private dock, which allows guests to experience the river and its corridor from the first of the trip instead of taking a long bus ride. Canyonlands By Night is the only company in the Moab area that launches trips from its location right on the Colorado River. Canyonlands By Night has a beautiful covered patio overlooking the Colorado River that is used for a nightly Dutch Oven Dinner that is served one hour prior to boarding the night boat. The property is also used for organized breakfasts, lunches and weddings and features a large gift shop.

In the month of July, Canyonlands By Night will launch their new boat the Moab Queen II. Launching the new boat is in celebration of Canyonlands By Night’s 40th year anniversary. This state-of-the-art boat will be the most unique riverboat west of the Mississippi River. The Moab Queen II will feature stadium seating, built in headphones for translation into five languages, a bathroom and ballast to stabilize the weight of the boat. The boat will also include high-powered diesel engines and a flat bottom design that will conserve energy and make it more environmentally friendly as well as increase its maneuverability on the Colorado River.

Rachel Paxman, coordinator of group sales for Canyonlands By Night, said, “We’re very excited about the capabilities of this boat and are privileged to invite all the people who’ve been with us throughout the years as well as invite new people to come see the Moab Queen II. We are looking forward to hearing comments from our returning and new customers.”

The boat was to make its debut in May; however, the unique design of the boat brought about design and engineering difficulties the have held up the building process. Although construction has been delayed, Canyonlands By Night hopes customers will feel the wait was worth it.

“Over the past 40 years, we’ve taken the peoples’ complaints and tried to address them with a new boat,” said CEO Preston Paxman, “We are looking forward to another 40 years complaint free.”

Canyonlands By Night and Day is located two miles North on Hwy 191, on the north side of the Colorado River Bridge. Please call 435-259-5261 or visit for more information.

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