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Business Happenings - July 2004

471 South Main
in the Desert Plaza

Welcome to GearHeads Outdoor Store.

Whether you’re looking for a good pair of boots, an obscure stove part, or the largest selection of climbing gear in Moab, this store will amaze you withthe sheer depth and variety of its inventory. The shop is absolutely stuffed. There’s seems to be just as much gear hanging from the ceiling, as there is on the floor.

Established on Friday the 13th, in March of 98, GearHeads began as a small camping and surplus store. In just five years GearHeads has grown to twice its original size, and expanded the product selection to a point that flat out boggles the mind. The most frequently heard comment as a first time customer enters the store is a simple “wow.”

From hard-core outfitter equipment, to solar systems capable of running your laptop in the backcountry, GearHeads offers an amazing assortment of gear and gadgets to enhance almost any outdoor activity.

Coming from the restaurant business, the owners are somewhat unconventional with their approach to retail. Forget about being a clothing store disguised as an outdoor store. Instead, they load the shelves with quality hard gear, footwear, and accessories (yes they do have clothing, but it’s mostly technical, and a definite minority in the product mix).

They stay open late (till 10:00 PM every day) they have a large filtered water station where customers can fill there own containers with FREE filtered water. No limit, no charge, no purchase necessary (the record is held by a scout troop from Texas, 192 gallons at one time).

GearHeads offers cheap power foods like Clif bars, Luna, GU, Cytomax all .99 cents, all the time. It’s a great place to find a unique gift, and they have the best deal on firewood in town.

Enjoy the in-store demonstrations or just stop by to fill your water containers. GearHeads has a great staff; passionate about the outdoors, and serious about the equipment they sell.

During the season, GearHeads is open from 8:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night every day. During the winter it’s more like bankers hours, 9-6.

GearHeads will change what you expect from an outdoor store.

Whether you’re into biking, hiking, climbing, boating, jeeping, or fighting fires, always go to GearHeads first, they probably have just what you need.

GearHeads is located at 471 South Main in the Desert Plaza. They can be reached at 435-259-4327.

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